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Equity - Diversity - Inclusion
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True Allyship can be both uncomfortable and rewarding. Being an effective Ally involves taking responsibility for educating yourself about the situations, challenges, and realities faced by the people and communities with which you wish to stand in alliance.

One of the ways that we can do this is by using the resources that have been made available by people with lived-experience and peer reviewed research undertaken with those being "researched". It is important to take the time to actively listen to what they have shared and accept how their experiences differ from our own. Most events in this group will have a single focal video resource on the event topic/theme that we watch together and then use as the foundation of the group discussion. In this way, we can share our own thoughts or relevant experiences, and benefit from the various perspectives present, while thinking about the issues, challenges, or realities shared with us.

Hosted from Australia, we acknowledge and pay respect to the past, present and future Traditional Custodians and Elders of this nation and the continuation of cultural, spiritual and educational practices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

This group does not claim to be a definitive or authoritative voice on or for any group of people or organisations.

Community Guidelines

  • All meetups are casual, based on mutual respect and the Chatham House Rule.
  • Questions are acceptable.
    Judgements of or disrespect for marginalised groups or individuals is not.
  • Diversity, by definition, means that there may be experiences, realities, beliefs that differ from your own - this is a space of tolerance, sharing and self-education.
  • Only one warning will be given for unacceptable behaviour. Any repeat offense will result in removal from the group.
  • The decision lies with the group Leadership Team, which consists of the Group Owner and any moderators that are appointed.

This is not an official UOW social media page and is in no way associated with or endorsed by the University of Wollongong

Upcoming events (3)

EDI and Social Justice

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February 20th is World Social Justice Day.
There is, for many, an implicit relationship between EDI and social justice but all these concepts are worth exploring in more depth when considering why we are allies and what allyship means.

A workplace EDI Strategy is a roadmap to ensure an intentional approach to identifying and achieving institution-wide equity, diversity, and inclusion priorities and goals.

There are four interrelated principles of social justice; equity, access, participation and rights.

To help our discussion, we are going to spend ten minutes with Crash Course Philosophy considering all the ways people talk about justice and what we really mean when we use that word. The video will explain various theories of justice, just distribution, and different approaches to punishment. We will take these ideas and explore their relationship to our lived experience of our workplace EDI strategies and practice of allyship.

Service Animals in the Workplace

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Do you know the difference between an assistance dog, emotional support dog, and therapy dog?

Are you prepared for should one of your colleagues or employees have one?

In today's hangout we are going to be talking about the NSW workplace and assistance dogs - what needs to be done to support the staff member or student, and their dog; if other staff members have concerns or issues, what resources can you direct them to.

What do you know about the A in LGBTQIA+?

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This month we will watching a video made by a YouTube Creator when she came out as AroAce. Her explanation of aromanticism and asexuality is brilliant; managing to be personal, accessible, relatable, and funny. It may have temporarily broken parts of the Internet for a while after its release...

If we have time, we will also watch a video on amatonormativity and talk about why it is something that affects Ace and Aro people in important ways.

Past events (2)

Vision Impairments and Colour Blindness

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