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Edinburgh International Group ( - or - International Network ( is the premier "International Community (" for people who want to experience new activities, share ideas or exchange resources and bringing some fun into their lives and making new friends along the way.

Edinburgh International ( is the groups ( of social networking groups, creative hubs, developer groups and whose contribute actively to the Edinburgh's communities with organising gigs including; cultural events, day trips, social events, networking dinners. From volunteering Edinburgh Creative Weekends ( to Friday Night Social, Edinburgh Beach Party, The Meadows Summer Picnic.. and much more...

TEIS provides something for everyone.

We believe our society is and should remain a vibrant and democratic multicultural society that must combine respect for diversity with shared common values. As we' accept that people have different cultures and you accept them positive acceptance without any negative believes...

Whether you are local, student, new in town or an expat in Edinburgh, come and meet new friends and discover new places with us. Our group takes the hard work out of being new in Edinburgh so you can focus on the fun part. This will develop your social connections in Edinburgh ( enormously!


You'll not only get the chance to meet new ideas but also be able to experience every type of activity that involves socialising; Festivals, Photo Walks, Language Exchanges, Parties, Picnics, Day Trips, Clubbing Nights, Dining Out, very friendly atmosphere, more intimate venues. Our experiences will not only help you meet new people but help you form bonds and experiences that last a lifetime.

We look forward to meeting you soon at one of our fantastic Events in Edinburgh (!

Join us and be part of the awesome Events in Edinburgh ( or exchange resources, share ideas and take part in fun events! Membership is absolutely FREE! All you need is to be friendly and fun to join!

✱ Friday Night Social (

A high number of local and International members from all kinds of backgrounds and cultures creating a great dynamic while keeping the consistency of valuable long lasting relationships. The most efficient way to meet friendly locals and internationals experiencing the best conversations and activities! Events usually start at 8:30 pm – and Ends at 11:30 pm. After Edinburgh Friday Night ( we usually head out to the dance floor with Free V.I.P. entrance. If you are interested in joining us for Clubbing, we need a guest list down for the Club, Please RSVP to avoid any disappointment.

✱ Saturday Night Social (

Two hours to network or pre-drink, then party time all night long on the dance floor. Perfect for the ones willing to have fun and enjoy dancing in different Clubs and V.I.P Parties! Let's get Smashing! The main International event on Saturday Night in Edinburgh (! The event starts at 9:30 pm – Ends at 3:00 am.



Our events attract a local and an internationals in their 20s and 30s looking to share ideas, advice, opportunities, resources, referrals and meet new people. We're joining up with Edinburgh Travellers, Edinburgh Professionals, Edinburgh Students for Friday Night Social ( And we're about making new friends or make a new connection This is directly attributed to the relaxed, no pressure group setting we've created."

Sorry, but to join/stay in Edinburgh International Network ( all members are required to have a real, recent and clear main profile photo of themselves or they will not be allowed to join this group or removed. Please reapply to join with a conforming photo.

Photo help can be found here: How to change my profile photo on meetup? (

You'll not only get the chance to meet new people in Edinburgh but also be able to experience every type of activity that involves socialising; Social Drinks, Language Exchanges, Cultural Club, Parties, Picnics, Walks, Day Trips, Clubbing Nights, Dining Out, very friendly atmosphere, more intimate venues.

Join us and be part of the awesome social groups in Edinburgh (!

All members must be over the age of 21 to attend our events. New and pending members: please be sure to read and agree to our; Terms and Conditions and Group Guidelines on our website.( (

We look forward to seeing you soon in a welcoming and friendly venue and atmosphere.

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