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The Heal Yourself Group is an inspirational Meetup Group empowering people to truly love and accept themselves, find peace and feel complete through deep inner healing, yoga and meditation, and transformational self love techniques.

We are dedicated to helping you nurture your relationship with self. Gain insights and practical ways to love and accept yourself, heal and let go from past trauma, be kinder to yourself, create stronger boundaries, know your worth, understand what your limiting beliefs are, how to tap into your intuition and live a life you've always dreamed of. Your relationship with Self is the most important relationship you will ever have and it starts with YOU.

Hi, I am Nikki Rideout, the Founder of Heal Yourself with Self-love, Movement & Meditation

Self Love completely transformed my life. Having spent years hating who I was, having extreme anxiety disorders and continually getting into toxic, abusive relationships, at the end of my divorce in 2016 I discovered Self Love, and wow, what a journey it's been! Since discovering this powerful tool, I have since left my 9-5 job, became a yoga and meditation teacher, Self Love Coach, had a baby and now live between Bali and the UK sharing my teachings.

I create and facilitate Life changing Self Love Workshops, Masterclasses, and Retreats, that move you into action. I am in awe of human potential and our ability to transform our lives when we are ready to change and learn how to truly love and accept ourselves for who we are. That's why I am committed to delivering empowering programs that help you in your personal growth and emotional wellness journey.

Self Love is a daily commitment to caring for yourself, mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

You can look forward to Self Love workshops, Self Care meetups, private 121's, Self Love Retreats in Bali and Self-help-improvement Meetups based on the teachings and works of great teachers such as the late Dr. Wayne Dyer & Louise Hay. Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Kabat Zinn, Gary Zuchav, Les Brown, Lisa Nichols, Tony Robbins, Esther Hicks, Micheal Benard Beckwith Gabby Bernstein, Mel Robbins, Jen Sincero, Elizbeth Gilbert, Helen Schucman. We also look at the Positive Psychology and resilience studies and how it can help us live happier fulfilled lives and more

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