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You're Invited to Jack’s '60 Years Young' Spring Party

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Ha – 60’s just a number. It’s taken me 60 years to get here but I made it and I have a bus pass to prove it. Result!

And to celebrate I’d like to get together with all my friends - it’s been too long since I’ve seen y’all, for a night of music, revelry, blethering, snacking and dance if the mood takes you. Anyone with musical talent is welcome to bring their instrument and entertain – I have one or two signed up already – nothing too organised or professional, just turn up and play.

Or sing, if you have a party piece. Otherwise eat drink and be merry.

There will be finger food snacks, some heated, some cool. Eat before you come out (but not too much – leave some room). There will be booze, wine or soft drinks if you’re driving but please bring a bottle (or two) for the rest of us if so :-)

Party starts at 7.30pm until 12.30am. There is plenty street parking if you’re driving, or a 100 bus from Waverley or West End, stopping at the Marriott, Maybury - then walk back a few 100 yards. A 31 bus also stops across the road.

It’ll be great seeing you all again, let’s kick winter’s ass out on the 29th and welcome Spring in on the 30th. Of course this means the party actually ends at 1.30am, not 12.30am as advertised - how’s that for a novelty? (you also lose an hour's sleep).

Don’t forget to turn your house clocks forward when you get home.