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2038: the End of Religion? - Paul Braterman and Keith Gilmour

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Talk Title: 2038:The End of Religion

Speakers: Paul Braterman and Keith Gilmour

If the talk title appears familiar, that's because this was the talk sponsored by the Humanist Society Scotland, in this year's International Science Festival, so a good chance to hear it if you missed it before, and at no cost!

Keith and Paul will present different perspectives on the future of religion over the next 25 years. Will it disappear? Or change? And in what ways? Nonbelievers and rationalists of various descriptions (Humanists, Gnu Atheists, Secularists, Skeptics, even perhaps Geeks) are becoming increasingly self-aware and organised. Meantime, we can see signs of the emergence of two quite different strands; an increasingly liberal religion, almost merging into humanism, and a well-organised and politically savvy fundamentalist reaction. How should we react to these events?

Paul is a former chemistry professor turned science writer. He taught at the University of Glasgow at the University of North Texas, published over 120 scientific articles, and was adviser to NASA’s Astrobiology Institute. His first non-technical book, From Stars to Stalagmites, was a Scientific American Book Club choice. He is on the committee of the British Centre for Science Education, and has spoken several times to Humanists and Skeptics throughout Scotland. (

Keith studied Theology and Philosophy at Glasgow University and is now teaching RME/RMPS at Boclair Academy in Bearsden.

He is an organiser for the Glasgow Brights and self-styled 'Director' of the Centre For Unintelligent Design.
Online writings:include Revelation's Place in the Christian Bible; Buce's Dream: Badgering The Almighty; Sympathy For the Almighty; It's Not Easy Being God; and Creationism, Holocaust Denial and the ID Crowd.