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Share what you know/think/feel on "Current Education: Challenges and Solutions"
Do you feel that education does not confine to brick walled classrooms but permeates through each and everyone, and everywhere ? How were your school days ? And what where you thinking about education when you were a student ? Have you gone back to your school now and have seen any tangible changes in the methods of learning ? Are you volunteering for education in any organization and are looking for better ways to enhance classroom activities and to address learner's needs ? Are you starting an organisation or forming group of educators, and looking out for more collaborators from different backgrounds to give your learners diverse and multidimensional experience ? Have you been thinking on ways to make education relevant to the current scientific and socio-economic conditions, also keeping in mind that we are preparing children for a more surprising fast-changing future ? If any of the these questions resonates with you or wakes you up in the middle of the night, we'd urge you forsake your afternoon nap this Sunday to join us for discussing current problems and solutions in education! We will be sharing our experiences in general and also some specific activities in Navi Mumbai. Let's start working to make our collective dreams come true.

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Vashi · Navi Mumbai

What we're about

We the Educators for Equality ( are looking for committed volunteers in and around Mumbai and Navi Mumbai who can spend about 1 hour per week for educating, motivating and empowering children belonging to hitherto neglected sections of the society.
Slowly and steadily the aim is to build a network such that each and every eager student there gets a supporting mentor.
Each one of us will be diligently drilling holes in the walls that protect and preserve socio-economic segregation and will be building strong interpersonal relationship with the children and community in general.
As the movement evolves, when sufficient percolation is done by years and years of repeated interactions, then 'walls' breaks down and then there's no difference between 'us' and 'them'.
We will get a chance to know and creatively address the ground level local problems of the community; cherish, share and highlight success stories of the community and learn lessons from their daily struggles; take quicker strides together towards the dream of equity.
One need worry about educational qualification or teaching skills initially, there are kids from kinder garden as well! (So if one is able to read this message that means they have a lot of potential to teach someone who needs your time and effort!)
Thus it is about converting our potential energy (dreams, hopes and skills) into kinetic energy for actualization of the same at ground level. What we are not looking for ?
- We are not asking for money from volunteers.
- We are not looking for those who see this work as charity that they have to do selflessly towards 'upliftment' of 'underprivileged' community. What we are looking for ?
- We are looking for those who resonate naturally with the cause of equity and thus with all self interest pursue it as it gives them an opportunity for authentic self expression.
- We are looking for those who see the creative aspect of being an educator and thus cultivate positive influence and promote collaboration and peer-to-peer bonding among children as well. Current locations:
1) Gyan Prerna Budh Vihar, New Bhim Nagar, Govandi.
- About 12 children as of now but more turning up every passing week!
- Timings: Weekends or weekdays any time between 5:30 to 7:30 PM.
2) Basti outside Juinagar station near D-Mart:
- About 10 families, having 20 children of age between 6 to 16, equal male female ratio.
- Timings: Can be decided as per mutual convenience. (1 hr per week minimum)
3) Basti besides Turbhe railway station
- About 30 families and 50 children. Currently there is a metal roof shed where some educational work run by Rotary club.
Timings: As per mutual convenience. ( 1 hour per week minimum)
Again it's ok if we miss a few sessions due to some other work as long as we keep coming regularly. For continuous update of our activities, please visit

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