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Edureka! (https://www.edureka.co/) is an e-learning company with courses on the latest trending technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain, IoT etc. We organize webinars, workshops, YouTube live events and seminars, to spread the knowledge on the latest technologies. We also provide career counseling sessions that will offer great value to the participants.

You can also subscribe to the Edureka! YouTube channel, to get access to over 2000+ videos on latest technologies: https://bit.ly/2EUmPkz

DevOps Certification Training: http://bit.ly/2NNMTE9

AWS Architect Certification Training: http://bit.ly/2G700Ks

Big Data & Hadoop Certification Training: http://bit.ly/30v5Tc2

Tableau Certification Training: http://bit.ly/30wWK2N

Data Science Using Python Certification Training: http://bit.ly/2xLWSze

Selenium Certification Training: http://bit.ly/2XIr4pi

PMP Certification Training: http://bit.ly/2G9NSse

RPA Certification Training: http://bit.ly/30trJwz

Apache Spark Certification Training: http://bit.ly/2LOdpeb

Power BI Certification Training: http://bit.ly/2LSmHWr

Upcoming events (5+)

AWS EC2 Tutorial For Beginners

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Reserve your spot to attend a free live online webinar on "AWS EC2 Tutorial For Beginners": http://bit.ly/33n5nin Date & Time: 21st November 2:30 pm IST Link: http://bit.ly/33n5nin Agenda: 1. What Is Amazon Web Services (AWS)? 2. Introduction To AWS EC2 3. What Is an Amazon Machine Image? 4. What Are Security Groups, Key Pairs, Tenancy - Shared & Dedicated? 5. Elastic IP vs Public IP 6. Launching An Ubuntu EC2 Instance

Apache Spark For Near Real-Time Big Data Processing

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Reserve your spot to attend a free live online webinar on "Apache Spark For Near Real-Time Big Data Processing": http://bit.ly/33kAM4N Date & Time: 21st November 8:00 pm IST Link: http://bit.ly/33kAM4N Agenda: 1. What Is Big Data Analytics? 2. Understanding Apache Spark 3. Introduction To Apache Spark Architecture 4. Spark Architecture & Its Components 5. Hands-On

Puppet For Infrastructue as Code Explained In 90 Minutes

Reserve your spot to attend a free live online webinar on "Puppet Tutorial For Beginners": http://bit.ly/2pU83Wk Date & Time: 22nd November 2:30 PM IST Link: http://bit.ly/2pU83Wk Agenda: 1. Introduction To Infrastructure as Code (IaC) 2. What Is Puppet? 3. Understanding The Puppet Master-Slave Architecture 4. Introduction To Puppet Components - Resources, Manifests, Modules, etc 5. Hands-On

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Crash Course

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Reserve your spot to attend a free online webinar on "Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Crash Course": http://bit.ly/2Q1T33l Date & Time: 22nd 8:00 PM IST Link: http://bit.ly/2Q1T33l Agenda: 1. Introduction To Cloud Computing 2. Cloud Computing Platforms 3. Introduction To Google Cloud Platform (GCP) 4. GCP Services 5. Hands-On

Past events (602)

Ansible Tutorial For Beginners - Ansible Training

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