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We talk about building smart cities. Smart cities require smart infrastructure and technology. To implement this so it requires smart people who have the right skills need by the ecosystem. Youth is India's biggest strength.

Our mission is to create an ecosystem to channelize the youth with job ready skills, transform the education by bringing Universities, Government and Industry as catalysts.

As Sundar Pichai, CEO Google mentioned "AI is more important than fire, electricity" and so will be majority of the jobs would directly/indirectly require the know how of this skill set. It is also important that Indian youth needs to be empowered with this skillset to position India as a leader in the technology space in the future. So we are trying our bit to work towards that goal.

Current problems


In despair, these young men may run wild and take the law into their own hand. They may engage in many undesirable activities. Criminal activities are on the rise.The standard of living of people remains low because of unemployment. The sharp increase in the poverty rate and low standard of public health are also the ill effects of the problem.Unemployment aggravates social unrest and economic imbalance of the country.Unemployment is the leading cause for depression among youth.Poor people, who are unemployed, finds it difficult to manage the rising cost of basic necessities.

Rural and Mid-urban Healthcare

Our healthcare system in India is still in a crisis situation. Technology particularly advance devices has only entered inside urban hospitals which mainly cater to the rich. There are govt hospitals with the advanced technology but only in urban areas and don't have large capacity. Government can do it alone. Its our prerogative as participating/technology oriented citizens to participate and build systems which help faster technology adoption in rural hospitals/centers and transform healthcare.

Similar problems in other areas like Agriculture, Renewable Energy, manufacturing where India has a potential to be the leader.

Achievement of the first objective(education) will lead to technology citizens who will then participate to transform all the potential sectors of Indian economy. Growth can only be inclusive so as part of DataScienceDelhi objective we are focusing on Tier-2 and Tier-3 education and awareness. Not just Tier-1 will participate but Tier-2 and Tier- 3 should participate and be a part of the the growth of India's economy.

To achieve this we have designed a 3 stage framework

Stage 1 - workshops and interaction and Financial stability for the framework

Stage 2 - Bootcamp(6 months)

Stage 3 - Industry projects, Entrepreneurship, Open-Source contribution and Research

This is a group as of now for anyone interested in TensorFlow and its applications in the world of Data Science. All skill levels are welcome. I started this group to meet other enthusiasts. Purpose is that each one of you can share your learning and gather together as we apply whoever do in their work projects or in academics. This way we can build a strong community out of it as its a evolving piece of software and technology and contribute back as Google is also doing it.
Subsequently we can thing of adding all set of offerings on Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and AWS cloud and other cloud offerings if anyone wants to take up respective topics as a responsibility

We welcome sponsors for venue/snacks for upcoming events.

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