Effective altruism - Career inspirations



** We start at 1:30 PM, coffee/tea available from 1PM onwards**

Language: English

Do you have a few spare hours to help solve the most pressing problems in the world? Are you busy on work days but excited about investing your time in supporting effective altruism initiatives on a Sunday afternoon?
Join our active group of EAs for an afternoon that combines the warm, intellectual atmosphere of meetups with the results-driven approach of professional networks!

** This month's theme **

The theme of this event is 'Career inspirations". We will share the EA principles on career. Together we will address our own career questions and formulate the next step! Any career level is welcome!

The program:

13:00 Coffee!
13:30 Opening and check-in / sharing career questions
14:00 Presentation about the EA principles of career pursuits
14:30 Video: Lessons learned from EA guru 'Kellie Liket'!
15:00 Discussion about the EA principles and the lessons learned
15:30 Applying everything to your own career and formulate your next step
16:30 Harvesting and check-out

** Sign up before the event here! **