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Freelancer Roundtable

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All important links for quick reference are mentioned below:

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Google Form for submitting question:
Google spreadsheet with the questions:

Information about the meetup

• This meetup is a roundtable discussion between freelancers from any and all fields.

• The primary intention is to discuss various topics around freelancing. The topics are not limited to any particular set but will be decided prior to the start of the meetup.

• There is an open google form that I am sharing here where you can submit your questions and also a link to the spreadsheet with the collected questions.

• Any duplicate or similar questions will either be marked as duplicate or will be merged with the similar question in the list.

• As the host of the event I have identified a series of questions that many freelancers may have and have already added in the spreadsheet.

• It is recommended that you check the spreadsheet before posting a question, just in case it is already noted in the spreadsheet.

• Each meetup will choose one or more questions and have a discussion around it.

• The meetup is an open platform for all to discuss their questions and also to help each other with the information answering other's questions.

• Post meetup I will mark the questions that have been discussed as answered in the spreadsheet.

• Every meetup's last 15 mins will be open discussions around freelancing where an earlier discussed question can be reopened for discussion.

• If you want to discuss any question one on one you can reach out to me through Telegram/Signal/Phone through my number 8217675706

• Vision of the meetup is to trigger healthy conversations around freelancing and help each other out. I would like to request everyone who attends to realise that as much as you are spending your precious time here, others are as well and we should be respectful of others views and time at all times.

I appreciate your support in keeping this meetup kicking and going for the past couple of years. Hoping this new format will help you further as well. Looking forward to seeing you in the future meetups as well.

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Effective Freelancing Delhi chapter
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