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Open Mikkyo Zen class
As a courtesy of Hakone Gardens, we have our Mikkyo Zen class on Saturday morning. Declutter your mind and experience zen with us. Hakone Gardens members can join us for free. For entrance before the gardens open, please register and obtain instructions.

Hakone Japanese Gardens

21000 Big Basin Way · Saratoga, CA


What we're about

EIMEI UNIVERSITY is the the only institute in the US that emphasizes a non-religious approach but same programs as Shingon School of Mikkyo. Our global mission at the EIMEI UNIVERSITY is to contribute world peace through mind(Kokoro) education. Our institute focuses on mind, or 'Kokoro' the traditional Japanese expression for mind with “Unification of Macro and Micro universe”. At our University, we offer a variety of programs, such as “Mikkyo Zen”, "Japanese and Cultural Study" and appropriate related studies.

In life one often faces obstacles with worry and uneasiness, fortunately through Mikkyo teaching one learns how to master truth, and through proper and guided discipline bring resolution to one’s life issues. The EIMEI UNIVERSITY will facilitate time and space for those interested in wanting to solve immediate issues, and to cure the root causes of those issues.

At the University we focus on getting rid of the “Three Poisons” through manageable discipline, and an individually tailored structured learning program(s). According to the Mikkyo teaching(s), the Three Poisons are the root and cause of problems which trigger mental and physical issues. These poisons are referred to as Anger, Craving, and Whinging. Our unique program(s) based on Mikkyo Zen Meditation, Japanese Cultural Study, etc., enables one to restructure his or her undesirable conscious/unconscious habit(s) to desirable conscious/unconscious habit(s). Also, not only will one receive and experience a teaching based on an Esoteric Knowledge, but one will receive counseling from a licensed instructor.

We welcome individuals that have specific “issues” related to the mental, physical, and spiritual realm.Our main location, where program(s) can be experienced by interested individuals, are at EIMEI UNIVERSITY in Santa Clara and the Hakone Japanese Garden in Saratoga and California.

Let’s experience "Practical Mindfulness” through our method.

Students and graduate will master how we understand, establish, and live present moment to be master of of your life and the universe.

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