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What we're about

Let's learn together parenting skills by discussing some important books and sharing each other our successful (and unsuccessful) techniques with our kids.

These days parenting is very challenging. Often our lovely, gifted and energetic kids are three steps ahead of us. The traditional private/public school system uses too many hours with them doing emphasis on academics and preparing them only for college without the necessary skills for a life of wellbeing (notice that I'm using the word 'wellbeing' instead of 'success'). They use many hours during the week on extra-curriculum activities, screen time, and interacting with their peers. Then add our own personal obligations as adults (and also ourselves using screens), etc., etc. So the combined time between school, peers, screen, extracurriculars, and sleeping, have became (just guessing) at least 80% without their parents, leaving us a not unique dedicated less than 20% (for example when we're driving them, still we're distracted), resulting in a modernm epidemy: disconnected families.

Hi, I'm Hermès Báez. Trying to respond to those situations I started reading/listening some books, watching Youtube videos, going to therapy, and I created this group because I think other parents could be in similar situations and we would like to support and learn from each other by sharing our best practices.

Thanks for joining this group and I hope all of us after discussing some readings and sharing some experiences we'll get better perspectives and strategies for happier families.

(Disclaimer: I'm not a psychologist and joining this group must not be substitute for professional counseling).

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