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E-biking the C&O Canal - Multi Day Adventure

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Gregory and Nathan
E-biking the C&O Canal - Multi Day Adventure



Join E-bike Lovers on a multi-day e-biking adventure on the C&O Canal.


Gregory, our resident long-distance e-biker (he just biked 4,700 miles across America), and Nathan (E-bike Lover's Chief Technology Officer) will be your mentor and "guide" on this unique self-guided group expedition.

Learn everything to learn about e-bike packing, long-distance e-biking, e-bike technology, camping (or relaxing in a B&B), enjoying nature at its best, and the rest.

See our article on e-bike packing equipment here:

The tour starts in Cumberland and follows the C&O Canal, 184.5 + miles. This is the tentative schedule:

Friday, 14 July 2023: Arrival in Cumberland from Washington DC and overnight
Saturday, 15 July: Cumberland to Hancock (Berkely Springs) - 61 miles
Sunday, 16 July: Hancock (Berkely Springs) - Williamsport (Hagerstown) - 32 miles
Monday, 17 July: Williamsport (Hagerstown) - Brunswick - 47 miles
Tuesday, 18 July: Brunswick - Washington DC - 55 miles

Book accommodation soon in Hancock (Berkely Springs), Williamsport (Hagerstown), and especially Brunswick as options are limited.


Are you charging money? Nope, everything will be coordinated at actual costs. A commercial vendor-organized trip can set you back over $1,200. Adventure Cycling charges $2,200 for the GAP and C&O tour.

See for alternatives:

Understandably, tour operators have limitations and operating costs, including double occupancy requirements, cancellation fees, biking with people you don't know and possibly dislike, no e-biking with class 3 bikes, etc. We have none of these limitations.

Your Costs. If you only camp and have two batteries, this trip can cost around $300.

Transport to Cumberland: $80
Camping with electricity: $35 per night (2x)
Camping without electricity: $0 per night (1x)
Cumberland Hotel: $80
Other costs: $70

Transport Costs: We will rent a U-haul truck to transport the e-bikes. Transport of the e-bike and yourself from Washington DC with a truck is approximately $80 PP. Each truck has two or three seats. So, if we have 3 e-bikers, we rent one U-haul truck. If we have 4-6 additional e-bikers, we rent another U-haul, etc., Each group needs to drive the U-haul themselves.

Transport by Train to Cumberland: Amtrak allows e-bikes, but they have a maximum weight limit of 50 lbs. Depending on availability, a ticket from DC costs between $43 - $100 one-way tickets (not much of a cost saving and comes with the potential hassle of hauling the bike on board, etc.).

See more information here:

Camping. Really? It depends on what you want. You can book the most expensive hotels along the route or camp. It is up to you. We will overnight in places where you have a choice. BTW, we don't suffer while camping. It can be very comfortable if you know what you're doing.

Hotel Bookings: You are responsible for booking your own accommodation, but we will be happy to provide recommendations. Book as soon as you can as accommodation is limited along the route.

What About Charging E-bikes? That is a very good question. We will have to charge the bikes. Such is life with e-bikes.

Depending on how many batteries you have and how much you want to bike in eco mode, you will have to find accommodation with electricity.

Hagerstown has a KOA camping with electricity. Brunswick also has a camping site with electricity. If you stay in a hotel or B&B, you charge there.

What we don't do. I love Backroads Traveling Tours. Can I expect the same from you? Nope. We don't provide bicycles, food, shuttles along the route, etc.

This is not a guided full-package event. You will need to book accommodation yourself. Of course, we will help everyone as much as we can before, and on tour, we are E-bike Lovers and have biked the C&O Canal before, but we are not a commercial touring company.

Can I RSVP while I am not sure that I will participate? Yes, please RSVP if you have any interest in the tour. You will need to commit to paying shared transportation costs two weeks before departure in July 2023.

Please contact Gregory or Nathan if you have any questions.


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Electric Bicycle - E-Bike Lovers DC - MD - VA - Cycling
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