What we're about

This group is dedicated to spreading the message of freedom, prosperity and peace throughout El Paso, Texas, so that we can have an impact on national and local politics. We will meet to effectively organize and execute a campaign that attracts people of all ages, genders, races, religions, political affiliations and professions as we unify Americans around the most relevant issues threatening our nation today. Join us in this noble effort to preserve America as a free, sovereign Republic characterized by small government, sound money and free markets, where creative innovation and hard work are rewarded and people keep the fruits of their labor to give those in need as they see fit rather than as a tyrannical big government dictates. The members of this Meetup group are undisputed champions of the Constitution, which limits the size and scope of government. Let's remind government who they work for, the people.

Past events (150)

October Meeting/ book club

7717 Lockheed Dr

Noncompliant film debut

El Paso Republican Party, Texas

El Paso RLC Organizational Meeting

To be determined

Block Walk Training for Hatch Campaign

Shundo Ballroom Dance Studio

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