From scarcity to abundance mindset: Principles and Practices

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A key limitation that hampers our growth on the human journey is the mindset of scarcity. The mindset arises from a core belief in lack. Here are some symptoms of a scarcity mindset:

1. Low expectations: One does not expect more from life and becomes resigned to an existence confined by fear and lack.
2. Lack of investment: One sees resources as limited and chooses to hoard them rather than invest them in growth opportunities.
3. Lack of sharing: One sees life as a zero-sum game leading to competition and the need to win over others. The thought of sharing resources with others does not even arise.

It is easy to see that a scarcity mindset creates misery both at individual and collective levels.

The abundance mindset believes that the universe will provide whatever is needed to make the most of your incarnation. It allows us to go beyond worrying about how we will be taken care of and instead, focus on joy, growth, and sharing.

Join us for this free webinar to learn how to move from the mindset of scarcity to abundance. A Q&A session will follow this workshop.

About the speaker: Dr. K Narayan has a Ph.D. in Quantum Mechanics. His passion is to integrate ideas from both Science and Spirituality to transform our lives.

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