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Science and spirituality have indeed collided. The “new” science has determined unequivocally that our thoughts not only affect our lives but the lives of others. Many are aware of the Law of Attraction (LOA), but few have considered how our thoughts and beliefs not only create our reality but impact the lives of others as well. The "new" science proves that we have great power. Our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves and others can create healing and unity or division, separateness and dis-ease. As Heartmath Institute has proven we show up in each others brain waves and the distance between us does not matter. We always impact our "target" through our thoughts and feelings. Ancient civilizations have always known that when people come together on behalf of an ailing member within their community, in an altruistic manner, powerful healing often occurs for the member through their focused attention. Remarkably a "mirror" effect also occurs because powerful healing often occurs for the intenders as well. It is truly a “do onto other” practice. Group Intention or focused attention on a specific target to create positive outcomes and healing is referred to as the "science of altruism." Major universities have established "human consciousness" laboratories to study the impact of group intention - proving over and over again that people can heal and uplift one another. Why attend the Highest Good Intention Group? • You will learn what intention truly is and how to successfully create intentions for yourself and others • You will learn to identify, address and release your limiting and self-sabotaging beliefs in order to improve your manifestation capacity • To experience directly how distance or non-locality is never an obstacle when it comes to using your heart to send intention to others Come participate in the powerful mysterious science of altruism that is sweeping the globe. Bring those tenacious physical problems, emotional issues, limiting beliefs that are impacting areas of your life that you want to see more growth and movement – i.e. career/money, health and personal relationships. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions:[masked]

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    Did you know that your body, due to evolution, is hard wired to heal naturally? If you are suffering from a long standing physical or emotional condition then this Meetup is perfect for you. We will be providing powerful concrete tools for self-transformation that you can use in your every day life. They are scientifically proven to change how you feel as they reduce stress dramatically. You will also learn how specific stressful events have been proven to turn on a biological process in the body which is behind most physical and emotional conditions. You will also learn how limiting and self-sabotaging beliefs control your biology. Come and connect with others in a friendly group setting.

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