?) Games Night #6 ~[Cards Against Humanity]

What we'll do

& Welcome to the Another Games Night!

with this Instant Classic - CAH!
a Game for "Horrible People", but we're Ultra far from that... 🀞
Cos Good Friends, wouldn't & shouldn't, let each other go that far down that Path.......

So we'll just do it with Cards instead πŸ”₯⚑❣

So Win the Game by either?
being the "Baddie" with the Dark Humour?
Or having the Most Accurate Callouts?
It's upto you!
So Come Chillax~
& Get in on the Laughs! πŸ”₯

P.s. Also in need of More Games & Boards, So tell me what you got,
Preferably Mainstream Games, Ta 🀞

Usual Info

The plan is to Eat, Drink & Game Board for the Night! So We can Park in the Serviceway behind, or very close Walking distance from the Transport Hub, to Macquarie Hotel, & come Chill out for a Midweek Hangout! πŸ‘

These Game Night Events, are Supposed to be for the Off Fortnight, between Movie Nights~ πŸ‘

So if you got an extra Board? Or any other Games you'd like to Introduce as well??
Just Contact me & I'll help you set it up for another Games night in the Future πŸ‘Œ

& If you Drove? Please do, bring it along, As I'd like 4-6 ppl per board if possible!

So if this sounds good?
I also got:
- Monopoly - Cluedo - Settlers of Catan - Game of Life - Payday
(& I might get , or Cards Against Humanity, in the near future, which is a pretty sick game!! πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ)

So Cheers again! & Hope to see ya 🀞

- Dez