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What we’re about

2600 The Hackers Quarterly - Melbourne meetup for the technically and security inclined. If you have an interest in technology & security and would like to talk tech with like-minded folk, come down for a beverage and a chat, newcomers always welcome.

The meetups are very informal, the night starts at 18:00 (there's usually someone there up to an hour earlier though), however it can be more or less than that depending on the night. If you are enjoying yourself feel free to continue to do so until we're kicked out, if you're not then you're welcome to leave at any time, no hard feelings (we know technical topics aren't everyone's cup of tea).

We're very open to all sorts of topics and if you have queries or problems our attendees have a large and varying skill set so there's bound to be someone who can help or at least point you in the right direction.

The venue sports good meals, plenty of drink choices (including non-alcoholic), friendly staff, and a quiet enough environment to be able to hold a conversation comfortably.

This is the 2600 magazine meetup for the Melbourne area, more information can be found at (Australian site) and/or (American/Global site).