What we're about

I believe life is about developing authentic connections, fuelling personal growth, developing greater peace of mind and sharing positivity with others. For anyone with similar values, we can catch up once a month for a dinner around inner Sydney with a particular theme in mind to help us move towards where we want to be.

Topics might include building self confidence, reducing stress, learning to manage anxiety or building authentic relationships. If you have a wish to grow and personally develop, are interested in hearing about other people's experiences and perspectives and open to sharing something about yourself with an intention to form authentic connections, then this group is for you.

'30 Somethings' is also an indication of who might be suited to the group. Although we don’t discriminate by gender, race, sexuality (it's not exclusive to the LGBTI community).....or age, we have decided to set an age restriction of 28-42. The purpose of this is to help preserve a particular energy that arises from people coming together who are all in a similar stage of life.

So if you’re only 28/29 but feel like you’re mature and relate well to people who are a little older then feel free to join. Similarly if you’re 40-42 and typically hang out with people in their 30’s and still strongly relate then also feel free to join. At the end of the day and age is only an indicator of how long we’ve been on this earth, however sometimes it can be beneficial to hang out with people at a similar stage of life, as I believe common understanding can arise from this.

From my experience so much happens in your 30's; it's a decade of growth and self exploration. So let's meet others at a similar stage of life, share our experiences and learn and grow together.

Upcoming events (1)

Burgers in Surry Hills

Top's Kitchen

I thought we could go to Tops Kitchen in Surry Hills. They have some good reviews and the food looks good. We can meet there at 7.30pm. Alternatively if there is somewhere else people would prefer to go let me know and we can also consider that. Let's see how thing evolve in terms of what we want to discuss. If everyone is interested in personal development and self improvement then I imagine there will be plenty to talk about. I've created a whatsapp group for this meetup, see link below. https://chat.whatsapp.com/HB8u21XPrJSIjiteHfjjWt

Past Events

Thai Dinner

The Beresford Hotel

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