The Magick of Crystal Grids

Sacred Space (Sandgate)
Sacred Space (Sandgate)
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Sacred Space (Sandgate)

3 Sixth Avenue · Sandgate

How to find us

We are in the stand alone white building on the corner of Sixth Ave and Allen St. Our entrance is in the side alley way.

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What we'll do

Crystals have amazing properties, with the capability to lift you up when you are down, provide courage when you have none or see the true nature of the world around you.
These properties are enhanced in a crystal grid. When different types of crystals are linked together, sometimes alongside other objects (candles, flowers, leaves, feathers, etc) and arranged according to sacred geometry, the results can be life changing.

Tonight, Kristy will talk about the three main types of crystal grids, what they can be used for and show how to go about arranging and using a crystal grid for manifestation.

For this workshop please bring:
- a pre-made sigil (hand made or purchased),
- 4-8 crystals that align with your goal
- anything else that you want to incorporate into the crystal grid (rings, tokens, talisman, coins, flowers, feathers, etc)
- You may also wish to bring along a photo or drawing of what you want to achieve or a tarot/oracle card that aligns with your goal.

Tonight's workshop is our last of the "Open Slather" series for July.

When: Mon 29th July @ 7pm
Where: 3 Sixth Ave, Sandgate ( @ Thr333fold)
Cost: $15 (cash appreciated)

Sacred Space is a safe and non-judgmental environment for men and women to gather and strengthen their relationship with the Universe, Deities and Spirit.
Designed for solitary practitioners to both teach and learn, weekly sessions may include Circle Casting, esoteric projects, guided meditation, Esbat and Sabbat celebrations.