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Our Teachers- Sophie, and Cate have a combined 40 year journey with A Course in Miracles. Lookout for ongoing, study groups, day events, international conferences, weekend retreats, road trips, spontaneous 'hangouts' in 2017 ❤️❤️

The members of this group are currently experiencing a strong movement toward realization of truth. The aim of The Course is to Awaken to the "Real World" of Perfect Love, through the practicing of Forgiveness. Guidance by the teacher of The Course and our inner connection to spirit, allows the ego mind to be gently undone to reveal the eternally abiding truth of deep Love within.


Lots of Love Sophie, Cate, Our members, Jesus and the Holy Spirit! ❤️❤️


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For me, ACIM is a way of living in total God dependence, once this step is taken in all areas of your life, the Joy is unavoidable! By Grace I experienced the Awakened Mind in a prolonged experience, leaving it impossible to believe the world as it was before. 25 years with ACIM, study groups, retreats and a short period of working and living in an ACIM Monastery has flowered into offering these teachings. I Love this group! Much gratitude to my mighty companions.

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I have been a student of ACIM for 18 years and have experienced a beautiful Revelation in 2014 and then an Awakening in January 2015. I was a member of the team that organised the ACIM 2016 Australian Conference and presented with Sophie Delphoi at the conference. I facilitate a zoom online Acim group every Friday morning 11am Australia EST which anyone can join. I also do a one hour presentation on on Mondays at 10am Australia EST. A recording of the presentation is uploaded to YouTube on Cate Grieves channel. If you would like to join in the zoom group, please message me. Connect with Cate on Facebook -



Return to Innocence Retreat 2014

Gathering at Living Water in NSW 2015

Tarra Valley Gippsland Retreat Feb 2016 with Elenor Davis

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