• Lean coffee style meetup event, and RTWSA presentation
    Our latest Adelaide customer, ReturnToWorkSA, will discuss their journey. Will then trial the lean coffee style format - bring some challenges/ideas that you'd like to get feedback on and discuss with the broader group.


    400 King William St · Adelaide

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  • ServiceNow ITBM - Project Portfolio Management update + customer showcase
    Come hear from our senior solution consultant for our ITBM suite (Michael Chevalier) who will share with us some of the new London capability, including support for Agile development (SAFe and Big Room Planning, WSJF prioritisation), new planning console and investment portal, as well as a deep dive and examples of how customers are leveraging this broader capability. Please invite key stakeholders from your respective PMO teams to attend this session if possible. Special thanks to Rob Testi and People's Choice Credit Union for offering to host this edition. Also big thanks to both Rob and also Jo (ElectraNet) for agreeing to provide a customer showcase, outlining their ServiceNow journey and current ESM portal. We also have a brief overview from Lodestar Advisory who have a complementary product "SEER" that integrates with ITBM to enhance an organisation’s investment in ServiceNow by providing accurate, up-front project costing estimates. From a very recent study by McKinsey and the University of Oxford of more than 5,400 IT projects suggest half of all large IT projects massively blow their budget. On average, large IT projects run 45% over budget and 7% over time while delivering 56% less value than predicted. 17% of projects went so badly they threatened the existence of the organisation.

    People's Choice Credit Union

    50 Flinders St · Adelaide

  • ServiceNow London update and customer showcase from RAA!
    This is long overdue! We have the ESM-ninja, Pete Doherty, presenting the latest ServiceNow "London" product release (GA release date = 5th Sep), as well as sharing of what others have been working on recently with the platform (including RAA's great use cases), and general networking/collaboration/knowledge sharing. It will hopefully be a chance to welcome some new customers to the ServiceNow family... When people arrive on Tuesday, please follow these directions: 1. Proceed to Corporate Reception (through the Shop Entrance). 2. RAA Corporate Receptionist will have a guest sign-in sheet with the names of the people who have RSVP’d. 3. You will then be issued with a Visitor lanyard which is to be worn at all times. 4. Calum will have someone from his team standing by to direct people to the Meeting room.


    101 Richmond Rd · Mile End

  • ServiceNow Workshop Event Series - Adelaide
    This is a great opportunity to hear from ServiceNow SMEs to get more understanding of how each of these products might benefit your organisation. Overview: There was huge demand for these workshops off the back of our recent “Start now. The future of work tour” in Q1. The objective of these workshops is to provide attendees with an opportunity to gain first-hand technical experience with the latest products and solutions from a ServiceNow expert. Agenda: * 08:00-10:00 Workshop #1 ITOM (CMDB, Orchestration, Event Mgm) * 10:30-12:30 Workshop #2 Customer Service Management * 10:30-12:30 Workshop #3 Security * 13:00-15:00 Workshop #4 ITBM (APM, Ideation/Demand Management) * 13:00-15:00 Workshop #5 HR Service Delivery * 15:30-17:30 Workshop #6 Service Portal Please register your attendance through this link https://go.servicenow.com/SEM-Q2Workshops-Adelaide-SA-07JUN18-APJ?elqTrackId=1484ea5eb9864a23a770f83ff8fb56c6

    InterContinental Adelaide Hotel

    120 North Terrace · South Australia

  • The Future of Work Tour 2018
    Please join us for when this special tour hits Adelaide... The ServiceNow Future of Work Tour will help you start empowering employees to do their best work now. See how the world’s leading enterprises leverage machine learning and intelligent automation to make work simple, fast, and effortless – while creating true consumer-like experiences. Wherever you are on your ServiceNow journey – an existing customer, prospective customer or just interested to know more about our technology, this is a great event for you! At Start Now: The Future of Work Tour you will experience: • Customer success presentation • Latest release updates from our ServiceNow experts • Live demos • Networking food and drinks! Don’t miss the opportunity to attend Start Now: The Future of Work Tour. Space is limited for this complimentary event so REGISTER NOW to secure your spot!

    Hilton Adelaide Hotel

    233 Victoria Square · Adelaide

  • Resolve Security incidents and vulnerabilities fast
    "Organisations must be able to continuously surveil and hunt for threats and stop them quickly." - with ServiceNow they can not only do that, they can automate it! Come meet our Security & GRC technology specialist, David Bell, and hear how ServiceNow is simplifying the process of responding to security incidents and vulnerabilities, and giving greater visibility into your risk posture. ServiceNow has achieved faster security incident (45% improvement) and vulnerability (25% improvement) response times by: * providing a single pane view to consolidate, triage, prioritise, route and remediate all security incidents, * automatically importing vulnerability scan data, applying logic to identify critical vulnerabilities, * automate workflows and remediation. You'll hear stories about how companies like AMP were able to prioritise a flood of vulnerabilities using integration into their ServiceNow CMDB that allows them to patch vulnerabilities 60% faster. https://www.servicenow.com/solutions/security-incidents.html

    Blue Crystal Solutions

    49-51 Hindmarsh Square · Adelaide

  • Customer Service Management examples
    "Promoters are (on ave) worth 2.6 times more than detractors" - Bain & Co. The Powerful Economics of Customer Loyalty in Australia (2013). Please join us for a much awaited Meetup topic around customer service management, and see how ServiceNow is disrupting the traditional CRM market using our service management approach to resolve customer issues at lightspeed. Hear from our APJ CSM SMEs: • Mike Knaggs • Tom Kopyciok ...on real examples and use cases in Healthcare, Financial Services, State Govt, and Higher Education and see how this could be leveraged for your organisation. Understand the differences between customer experience, customer service, and customer relationship management...and of course a chance to network with the growing local ServiceNow community in Adelaide!

    Hilton Adelaide Hotel

    233 Victoria Square · Adelaide

  • How to transform your business with real-time platform indicators
    We'd like to invite you to a workshop with our Snr Solution Consultant for SA (the brilliant Chloe Griffe) where we will be focusing on reporting, Advanced Reporting & Trending capabilities in ServiceNow. We will show you the complimentary version of the Performance Analytics application which provides advanced reporting and trend capabilities as part of your subscription. We'll also showcase the Premium Edition that can extend the capability across all of your applications on the ServiceNow platform. The objective of the workshop is to show you the value to your organisation how native, real-time platform data with a multitude of indicators and metrics can help you transform your business with actionable insights. Please register your attendance and see the full agenda through this link: https://anzworkshopevent.service-now.com/adelaidepa Please bring your laptop as this is a workshop session, where you can login directly to your dev instances. We'll start 09:30, and finish with lunch at 12:30.


    Level 7, 420 King William Street · Adelaide

  • ServiceNow "Jakarta" roadmap update and innovation
    We'll start off looking at where ServiceNow's going with AI/Machine Learning capability that's been built or acquired and incorporated into the NOW platform. The ServiceNow Jakarta release will launch to the market in mid-July, and there’s a lot to be excited about! The Jakarta release includes 6 new applications and over 30 major enhancements that drive: • Performance and user experience • Expanded capabilities for HR, Security and Customer Service • Intelligence, Cloud Management and Asset Management innovations for IT


    Level 7, 420 King William Street · Adelaide

  • Special ServiceNow product workshops!
    Please join us in Adelaide as part of our special 8 city workshop event series in June. The workshops will include focus on ITOM, CSM, ITBM and Service Portal. There was huge demand for workshops off the back of our Limitless IT Q1 event for these specific product lines. The objective of these workshops is to provide attendees with an opportunity to gain first-hand technical experience with the latest products and solutions from a ServiceNow expert. Agenda: • Workshop #1 ITOM 8:00- 10:00am • Workshop #2 CSM 10:30am- 12:30pm • Workshop #3 ITBM 1:00- 3:00pm • Workshop #4 Service Portal 3:30- 5:30pm ServiceNow Speakers: • ITOM- Simon White • CSM- Tom Kopyciok • ITBM- Kristen Bresch • Service Portal- Jonatan Jardi (TBC) Delegate Profile: Managers, System Administrator, Developer Get in quick - space is strictly limited!

    Crowne Plaza Adelaide

    16 Hindmarsh Square · Adelaide