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Hi, unfortunately I have not been able to create any events or get things going with this group for reasons of my current personal circumstance. I have not paid the fee to continue being the Admin for this group, consequently.

If there is anyone with good knowledge and experience in groups whom would like to create events I can act as a good source of information. Ultimately that person would need to pay the fee and take responsibility for this group's future. Idk how much longer I will be able to post on here before Meetup disable me from doing this.

One thing I did think would be a good idea to do would be run a survey and see what people actually want out of this group. I have provided some general information below....so you guys can do some homework at least :)

I may initiate that soon if I still have my Admin privileges.

Triathlon SA is the peak body that runs Triathlons in SA. They are on facebook and have links to Adelaide and regional Triathlon Clubs that encourage all levels of members, including entry level.

Here is a link that may provide a little inspiration, as to why you may want to do a Triathlon. This group is based in Melbourne, though they have some good resources.


Cheers Lesley

My name is Lesley and have taken over from the previous organizer whom wasn't able to organize any events and had to step down. When I first joined this group as an over 50 runner, I had never completed a Triathlon before. I was inspired to do my first Triathlon by a rather enthusiastic friend that I run with, whom is studying sports rehabilitation.

Our War cry from the original organizer:

Women of any age, size and fitness who dream of completing a triathlon...any length!

Basically I’m a 50-something overweight woman who roller-coasts with her dedication to training. So I’m looking to create a supportive network of women with whom I can train. I have a feeling that by having a community of like-minded women around me and to whom I am accountable, I’m more likely to be successful in achieving long-term consistency in my training.

This group is for women who want to support each other to succeed. Competitiveness between members would go against the culture of the group I envisage!

If you feel the same way, and are interested, please join.

Let’s start a dialogue to begin with and then see whether we can get a training schedule working!

So this is where I as the new organizer start work....


Spring 2020 is here and now with the warmer weather and Triathlon season approaching it is time to start work XD

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