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Library of Congress Tour

Library Of Congress - Thomas Jefferson Building

From the ground floor, we head up to the top floor of the Jefferson Building to view the Mezzanine Gallery, Minerva Mosaic, Great Reading Room, and Thomas Jefferson’s Library. Learn about the early history of the Library of Congress and how the library is maintained by Congress. Next, visit the second floor to get a glimpse of rare Gutenberg and Mainz bibles at the Bible Gallery. Pass by the ornate Great Hall and see the classical architecture and paintings by over 50 famous American artists. From the second floor, head back to the ground floor to visit the Bob Hope Gallery, the Gershwin Room, the Graphic Arts Gallery, and Library Shop. View some of Bob Hope’s personal papers, famous joke file, and other memorabilia donated by one of the most famous entertainers in American history. See the first room dedicated to musicians in the Gershwin room where you can view George’s grand piano and Ira’s typewriter. The final stop is at the Library Gift Shop, where you can find gifts for every person on your list. Cost $40.00 per person Get 50% off with discount code IHARTLIBRARY https://adventuresforcreativetourists.com/tours/library-of-congress/ There are only five spots left. The Nit and Gritty. Please Read Please arrive 15 minutes early to wait for Stephen. We are choosing this time because so many people arrive late, and miss the tour. I can't guarantee that you will find Stephen if you are 15 to 20 minutes late. But if you are a few minutes late, you will catch your group by the fountain outside of the building. Also, Stephen has an English accent. You cannot miss him. Refunds are offered prior to the start of the tour. After the start of the tour there are no refunds.

Halloween at the National Gallery of Art

National Gallery of Art

When Angels and Devils visit us where can we find them? Follow Stephen Mead down this dark and dreary path at the National Gallery of Art. You will see the National Gallery of Art’s highlights, historical showstoppers, and fan favorites. Enough to fill your Halloween bucket. He’ll stop to discuss each piece’s symbols, stories, and background. Mead lived in London until about six years ago, where he led exhibit tours of the Victoria and Albert Museum and gave talks for the U.K. National Arts Collection Fund. Since moving to D.C., he has combined his love of museums with his professional storytelling skills, making his tours both educational and enjoyable. Mead is a Washington, D.C. certified tour guide and part of the team at Adventures for Creative Tourists, which specializes in private tours of the arts, culture, and historically inspired sites. https://adventuresforcreativetourists.com/tours/halloween-national-gallery-art/ Ticket $40.00 Get 50% off ticket with discount code NGA50

Modern Art at National Gallery of Art East Building

National Gallery of Art - East Building

Join Stephen Mead, professional museum tour guide, for an insider private viewing of Modern Art at the National Gallery of Art. Our storyteller will walk you into the stories of Pablo Picasso, Georgia O’Keefe, Claude Monet, Henri Matisse, Jackson Pollack, and Andy Warhol. View 40 plus pieces of modern art and learn what the message could be and how the artists are telling it. Cost per person $40.00 Get 50% off Discount Code IHARTMODERN http://adventuresforcreativetourists.com/modern_art/ About Stephen Mead: Stephen Mead, tour guide and historian of the arts, lived in London until six years ago, where he was invited to lead tours of exhibitions at the Victoria and Albert museum and give talks for the National Arts Collection Fund (UK). and worked for many educational institutions in Britain. Since moving to the DC area, he has led many tours of the capital’s museums and monuments for tourists, student groups and adults. Stephen is also a professional storyteller and brings his skills in story telling to the historical and artistic areas he covers in his tours, providing both an educational and enjoyable experience. Reviews “The tour guide has a British accent. He was very knowledgeable and kept us entertained during our entire trip.” – customer review on yelp “Stephen really gives it his all. His performance as a tour guide is award-worthy”- customer review on TripAdvisor “While guiding us to a selection of the art at the gallery Stephen Mead was entertaining and informative. He had a story to tell about each piece of art that he took us to view and pointed out details that would have escaped most of us if we were on our own. In the process we learned something about art that we didn’t know before the tour. It will stand us in good stead as we continue to view and enjoy the masterworks of the art world wherever we go.” Goldstar

Thanksgiving for Everyone Inclusive Community Art Project by Trisha Gupta Studio

When intimidated by the state of the world, some people build a taller wall; we build a longer table. Amnesty International Rockville, Trisha Gupta Studio, and Sandy Spring Museum invite you to join us for a special pre-Thanksgiving dinner to “build a longer table.” We will welcome newly arrived and long-settled refugees to break bread with new friends and enjoy food donated by the community. We will sing songs of welcome and engage in art projects related to telling our stories of displacement and the new homes we have built. Imagine how you would feel if you lost your home, your family, and your friends. Today, more and more people all over the world find themselves in this situation. Refugees are being forced to run for their lives due to war, violence and persecution. Over half are children. They rely on the kindness of strangers to help them rebuild their lives in safety. For decades, Americans of many political stripes have welcomed refugees. But now, our country appears to be more divided than ever before. How can we unite behind our common humanity to once more welcome refugees? Everyone is invited to attend this pre-Thanksgiving dinner. All attendees are also invited to participate in a collaborative art project. Please consider donating a kitchen utensil or implement for the art project. The project encourages participants to share their thoughts on their immigrant experience or journey. Come prepared to be creative!

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