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Needs a location

What we'll do

Anyone can be an event host! If there's something cool you have your eye on, just let me know and you'll be made an event host. Or feel free to just make suggestions in the comments below.

Events that have gone really well in the past: Big arts events like Vivid, Chippendale Art Festival, MCA Artbar, Art after Hours at the AGNSW, Newtown festival, Archibald prize, Art school exhibitions, small art gallery openings (strobed.com.au is great), Artbank, low-key burlesque, photography exhibitions, occasional random drinks, Sydney Writers Festival, White Rabbit, Art Month, Sculptures by the Sea, pub/art gallery crawls.

Just start in a social area like a quiet pub or park and let people know where the group is. And, be welcoming to all comers!

For some guidelines about the group, check out this page: http://www.meetup.com/Art-and-alcohol/pages/Guidelines_for_events/