Becoming a Trusted Influencer

What we'll do

“Your language controls the relationship, and the relationship controls the business.” – U.S. consultant Alan Weiss

How we present ourselves to our prospects and clients, and what we say when we talk about how we can work with them, is critical to our success in the new economy.

Gary Edwards is an expert in the art and science of verbal influence. He works with individuals and businesses who want to position themselves as trusted influencers in every conversation they have with their prospects and customers. He shows entrepreneurs and leaders how to get clear about their message and market positioning, and how to create client conversations that build trust and generate sales.

Prabin Gautam is a business growth strategist, LinkedIn speaker and trusted lead generation partner. Companies that have benefi¬tted from his service include Accenture, Telstra, EmbroidMe, STOW International, Nationwide Waste Solutions, Medical Organisations, and various associations. With his extensive experience as a CEO, Entrepreneur and Marketing Professional, he helps business professionals in creating maximum impact at minimal cost.

In this session you will learn:
• why how good you are at delivering your services isn't the most important factor for your client
• what research shows is the only effective way to prove to a client that you can be trusted.
• the three things that clients need to hear from you in order to believe what you are telling them
• how to position yourself as the obvious choice to do business with
• how to manage client conversations to continually build trust and increase your conversion rates in any industry

You will leave this session with greater clarity about your positioning and a set of skills that you can use to be more influential every time you communicate.

Date: 11th September 2019 (Wednesday)
Arrival: 7:15 am
Start: 7:30 am
Finish: 9:00 am
Early Bird Price: $49 per ticket
Normal Price: $97 per ticket