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The Australian Gnostic Association of Hobart offers weekly classes about esoteric studies, meditation and themes of a psychological nature.

Depending on the context, Gnosis can be seen to have several different meanings. In a general sense, Gnosis is knowledge through direct experience. In a more specific context Gnosis is a knowledge that provides the keys for an individual to awaken consciousness and liberate him/herself from the cycles of suffering we experience. Finally, in a very physical and human context , Gnosis is a school that provides the teachings, practices and support for students to advance on their path towards the awakening of consciousness and liberation.

From a personal perspective, Gnosis is an esoteric knowledge that is taught, and when sincerely applied creates self-knowledge, which at the same time is revelation, insight and the newly acquired ability to modify our internal and external life.

Gnosis, in summary, is the fruit of our own direct experience, it is also a school, and it is the knowledge to free the soul from much ignorance and suffering.

Our classes consist of a lecture and meditation practice provided on a weekly basis. There is no need to have studied and/or practiced meditation or esotericism before. Everyone is welcome.

The Australian Gnostic Association of Hobart, a not-for-profit organisation, is part of the Gnostic Society Samael Aun Weor worldwide that has associations located in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Central and South America and the United States. The centre is run on a voluntary basis by instructors who study and practice the Gnostic esoteric teachings along with its members who support and participate in all its activities from introductory to advanced levels.

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