What we're about

Celebrate the power of graphical software engineering with Unified Modeling Language® (UML) and graphical systems engineering with Systems Modeling Language® (SysML) with other UML and SysML enthusiasts !

Whether you use UML for forward engineering or reverse engineering of software systems, UML for analysis of software systems, or SysML for systems engineering of complex hardware and hybrid systems, graphical engineering engages and activates parts of the mind that help take your work to the next level.

Software topics are not limited to particular software engineering languages such as Java or C++ or even PHP (yes, it can also be combined with UML).

Systems topics can cover literally any complex system, and concern how SysML as a general graphical engineering language can be combined with prevailing and older systems engineering methodologies.

Topics are not limited to a particular UML or SysML vendor's tool.

Special events will also feature graphical engineering with patch-based real-time synthesis environments such as PureData and Max.

Hosted by internationally acknowledged UML and SysML evangelist Dr Darren Kelly of Webel IT Australia and GreenSoft Pty Ltd.

DISCLAIMER: This group and events are not officially endorsed or sponsored by the Object Management Group® (OMG). UML® and SysML® are registered trademarks of the OMG®