What we're about

Blockchain Australia is a not for profit association who aims to promote the use of Bitcoin and Blockchain Adoption. We are pleased to present a series of National Meetups.

The Objectives of the Association are as follows:

With respect to Bitcoin and related technologies:

1. The Bitcoin Community:

We aim to help people exchange resources and ideas, and to build engagement, fellowship, knowledge and wealth.

We aim to develop relationships with other organisations who have similar aims.

2. The Bitcoin Brand:

By working on and assisting in the funding and development of Bitcoin infrastructure we aim to make Bitcoin more respected, trusted and useful to people in Australia and worldwide.

3. Bitcoin Protection:

We aim to maintain, improve and legally protect the integrity of the protocol(s) and the reputation of Bitcoin.

4. Bitcoin Promotion:

We aim to educate the general public, business and institutions about Bitcoin.

We will speak publicly on behalf of the community.

Upcoming events (1)

Crypto and Blockchain 2020 and beyond

Stone & Chalk

Blockchain Australia is proud to support the Crypto Fire Alliance with this year's most exciting meet-up to discuss what is happening in Crypto and Blockchain in 2020. We'll open the night with a couple of presentations. first up will be William Wright – Co-Founder of Mining Store talking all things mining! William Wright is an experienced cryptocurrency miner and has been involved in the industry for 5 years. His background was in Banking and Foreign Exchange before he and his business partner Callum Cameron founded Mining Store. William and Callum run Australia's largest and most trusted cryptocurrency hardware supplier. They also run a very active cryptocurrency community with over 500 members Also updates from: Johnathan Ross- Loki Matt Harry- Cloudbreak Our panel will include: Grant Colthup - CEO Mine Digital Grant Colthup – CEO Mine Digital Exchange Grant is an experienced and trusted financial professional. He has held positions with a global macro hedge fund, Macquarie Bank, proprietary trading firm and IAG (Australia’s largest general insurance company). Grant has been involved in cryptocurrencies and digital assets for the past several years and in that time has become a valuable member of the Australian crypto community, recently being elected to the Board of Blockchain Australia. Zia Word - Crypto Queens Zia is an experienced entrepreneur with two exits. Involved in blockchain startups since 2013, she was co-founder & CSO of crypto & blockchain ecosystem chozun 途赞 in China, exiting late 2018. She now consults in the space and is currently working on building her own blockchain, Web 3 &DeFi investment fund - Findy Ventures to include a one-of-a kind accelerator program and social enterprise vertical. Joseph Shaw- Crypto Consulting Institute David Habibi - Decred And our very own hosts Karen Cohen and David Jackson from Blockchain Australia. This event will be raising money for the Crypto Fire Alliance ( entry is not free) a minimum of $10 donation is required at the door ( Fiat/ card/ crypto all accepted) Thanks to our sponsors: Stone & Chalk for the room and Mine Digital for the food and drinks

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