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Welcome to the Code Team. The meeting aims at professional developers who want to reach the next level in their career or sharpen their coding skill. This meeting will bring around 15-20 elite developers together to learn and discuss high level developing.

Are you reading for the next programming contest? You could be a university student who is preparing for the ACM-ICPC, a high school student who drilling through a IOI problem. You could be preparing for the next Google Code Jam/ Getting ready for programming interview in Leetcode for E3 visa to the great Silicon Valley.

For each meeting we will select a question from several questions from an OJ (Online Judge) question bank. We will spend some time ( 15 mins)on presenting some basic theory. In addition to this we do some coding and have a discussion about the the question. We hope through these discussions, we can learn from each other how solve top coder problems.

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