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Caulfield Park - 1.5 km - Wednesday morning - 10 AM ☕
The eastern half of Caulfield Park is a popular off-lead dog exercise area. This walk is not a long one, it would suit smaller dogs. Larger dogs can come of course & do laps of the six ovals. Car parking is available in the park via the entrance off Balaclava Rd (Melway 59 B12). We'll meet at 10am near the south end of the pavilion (near the blue dot in pic below). Bring poo bags as sometimes the park's bag stations are empty. There are bins located around the park. A circuit of the off-lead areas covers ~ 1.5 km - that's for 2-legged alpha dogs. Four paws' distance could be twice that. This could be increased by 50% as there are a lot of trees which may need closer inspection. With our furry friends on their leads we can walk all over the park! Coffee and cake is available nearby for apres walk ☕ Did someone say"Caulfield Park?"

Caulfield Park

via Balaclava rd · Melbourne

Respond by: 08/01/2019

What we're about

Barking Mad is about bringing dogs and their owners together to foster an environment for people to meet and for dogs to play. We'll be hosting events ranging from visiting dog parks & beaches to enjoying coffee and brunch at some of Melbourne's dog friendly cafes ☕ Some of the walks will take us to less visited venues where our dogs can run free.

Whether your furry friend is a Jack Russell, Nova Scotia Duck-tolling Retriever, Lhasa Apso or a splendid mixture of all of those you & they will be welcome to come along to meet & mingle & get plenty of exercise that's good for us too.

Feel free to make suggestions on walks, dog-rescue fundraisers, social activities etc. If you know of dog-friendly cafes & hotels then please let me know.

People are most welcome to join and come along if they don't have a dog, but enjoy canine company. There are always plenty of eager wagging tails lining up for an extra pat!

To give everyone a great Meetup experience, remember the golden rule of Meetup:

"Always update your RSVP to tell us if you're NOT coming"

If you do RSVP to an event then I do expect you to attend. If you can’t make it then please try to update your RSVP status as early as possible and certainly prior to the deadline.


Got an idea? Click on "Suggest a Meetup" to start organising your event. The Organiser will approve the event and make you the event host. If you want to organise events regularly then you can become an event organiser. Just send a message to the Organiser to register your interest.

If you do host an event, it's suggested you follow this list of tips for a smooth event:

• Always provide sufficient details so that people know what to expect. Think about what you would want to know if you were in their shoes.

• If you have to back out of hosting an event then try to find someone to replace you.

• Avoid putting yourself in a situation where you might be out of pocket (e.g. making up front payments or committing to payments).

• If you’re cancelling or postponing then give as much notice as possible. You’ll be surprised how many members may have planned their diary around your event.

• If you must cancel an event then do not remove the event. Instead mark the event title as struck through or put the word “CANCELLED” next to it.

• Barking Mad is a social, non-profit group. I don’t condone the use of Barking Mad for business promotion, self-promotion or commercial gain except for the incidental use of services in the hosting of the events or the advertising of a charity function clearly identified as such.

• Our events are run by volunteers, who each run it in their own way. If you have questions, please ask them. They will be happy to help.

Regards Nige 🌟


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