Supercharging CI/CD Pipelines at Walmart, CI/CD for React Native Apps, & More!

Bay Area CICD and DevOps Meetup
Bay Area CICD and DevOps Meetup
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701 1st Ave

701 1st Ave · Sunnyvale, CA

How to find us

Yahoo, Building C, 2nd floor, Classroom 4. Parking available in parking garage next to Building C, on the 3rd floor. After parking your car, enter through the 3rd floor entrance.

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What we'll do

5-5:45pm: Pizza & Networking.

5:45-6: Welcome & Introductions.

6-6:30: “Supercharging the CI/CD pipelines at Walmart with Concord”
Vilas Veeraraghavan, Director of Engineering, Walmart Labs
This talk will focus on how Concord ( – an open source workflow orchestration tool built at Walmart – helped supercharge the continuous delivery pipelines used by application teams. We will start with an overview of the state of CI/CD in the industry and then showcase the progress made at Walmart and the upcoming innovations we are working on.

6:30-7: “Practical CI/CD for React Native Apps”
Ariya Hidayat
React Native emerges as a popular solution to build Android and iOS applications from a single code base written in JavaScript/TypeScript. For teams just starting to embrace React Native, the best practices to ensure rock-solid development and deployment are not widely covered yet. In this talk, we will discuss practical CI/CD techniques that allow your team to accelerate the process towards the development of world-class, high-quality React Native apps:
- Automated build and verification for every single revision
- Continuous check for code quality metrics
- Easy deployment to the QA/QE/Verification team

7-7:30: “Successful Continuous Build, Integration & Deployment + Continuous or Controlled Delivery?”
Karthi Sadasivan, Director of Engineering (DevOps), Aeris
This talk will explore ways to improve speed, quality, and security, as well as, how to align tools, processes, and people.

7:30-8:30: Open Discussion. Using one of the available microphones, share a question or thought with attendees. Collectively, let’s share and discuss CICD/DevOps struggles and opportunities.

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- Vilas Veeraraghavan, Director of Engineering, Walmart Labs
Vilas joined Walmart Labs in 2017 and leads the teams responsible for the continuous integration, testing, and deployment pipelines for eCommerce and Stores. Prior to joining Walmart Labs, he had long stints at Comcast and Netflix where he wore many hats as automation, performance, and failure testing lead.

- Karthi Sadasivan, Director of Engineering (DevOps), Aeris
Karthi heads the DevOps Practice in Aeris Communications. She has 18+ years of global IT industry experience with expertise in Product Engineering Services, DevOps, Agile Engineering and Continuous Delivery. Karthi is a DevOps Evangelist, DevOps Practitioner, and DevOps Enabler. She enjoys to architect, implement and deliver end-to-end devops solutions across multiple industry domains. Karthi is a thought-leader and solution finder, she has a strong passion for solving business problems by bringing people, process, and technologies together.

- Ariya Hidayat
Ariya's official day job is to run start-up engineering teams and he has done that a couple of times already. Yet, he's equally excited with building open-source tools such as PhantomJS (the world first's headless browser) and Esprima (one of the most popular npm modules). Through his active involvement in the development communities, Ariya is on a mission to spread the gospel of engineering excellence and so far he has delivered over a hundred tech talks of various subjects.