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Berlin MusicTech Meetup
Berlin MusicTech Meetup
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Bernauer Str. 63 · Berlin

How to find us

Option 1: Enter the Mauerpark from Bernauer Straße and take a left right at the beginning. Go through the small gate in the fence after Mauersegler. Option 2: Go through the flea-market entrance right behind the tram station "Wolliner Straße".

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What we'll do

☀ This will be the summer edition of the Berlin MusicTech Meetup. ☀

It will take place at the beautiful schönwetter* beach bar, right at Mauerpark. Since this meetup edition is outside and the sun won't set before 10 pm, it will have no fixed ending 😃. Let's all make the most out of it.

The overall topic for this meetup is "Music Creation In (And For) New Contexts".

1st presenter will be Attila Haraszti (@haywirez/@rawfare).
He will present, a service that lets artists turn their music into interactive tracks that react to changes on the Internet. The talk will dive into the history and legacy of music playback systems and point out the dangers of leaving music presentation in the hands of a few dominant platforms. It will highlight the unrealized potential of our devices and detail his quest to build a web player that lets the listener explore - and DJ - tracks straight from an artist’s website.

2nd presenter will be Julia Vrady with AI-Ambient-Visualisation at the sets. Her project is about the visualisation of the ambient at music sets. Every artist is unique. Not only his music. Also the audience, that comes for the set, emotions of the audience, objects, energy…. Every live concert is a synthesis of arts. Combination of the features creates the unique ambient, that can never be the same, even by the same artist. For her new project, Julia has been trying to make visible the ambient of the space and the mood of the audience. The artist will decide and will see in real time, how the mood of the audience can change. It allows the artist to be more experimental. And for the audience, it is the deep immersion into the music and the moment.

The 3rd presenters will be Rory Kenny from Music Maker JAM. He will talk about The dawn of a new era: enter the AI Composer.
As AI in music starts to mature, a new kind of creator emerges. One who interacts lightly or deeply with the AI studio to produce instant & infinite music compositional variations. Rather than focus on the threat, let’s take a moment to focus on the possibilities which lie ahead.
JAM created Alfie, an AI music creation platform, to enable anyone to play, discover & create amazing music. After hitting a key milestone in April 2019, JAM is confident that they can now double-down on their mission to bring it to a mass market of creators. In his presentation, Rory will reveal their approach and demo 4 music tracks created by Alfie.

We will also have four extremely cool installations. All of them are exclusive, not-yet-released prototypes of super innovative approaches for new ways to create, and interact with, music.

Spencer Rudnick will bring along his modular synth based on the Web Audio API, called Synth Kitchen.

Sascha Naji will gives you the chance to play with the “preliminary" Prototype of Beatlash, an expressive performance controller to play electronic music.

Jakob Gruhl will set up his latest Mazetools project which allows you to control Mazetools Soniface by using gestures with LeapMotion or Kinect. &

Henrik Langerdas has just successfully finished the Kickstarter campaign for the new Eurorack Interface 2.4SINK of Instrument of Things which lets you wirelessly control of modular-Synths and analog musical instruments.

We will have the "Wall Of Opportunities" again. It might not really be an entire wall this time but I promise there will be enough space for everyone to get the word out.

Thanks to the amazing people at BRLO, we will also have a limited number of super tasty free beer. ;)

Come early to get a taste of it.

Please help spreading the word and join us with your music-tech friends. 🎶♥


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