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A night of cutting-edge content in all things Data. Join us for an evening of exciting talks from Data Science Industry leaders and experts alongside drinks, snacks and lots of fun!


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6:15 - 6:30 PM: Idil Serifoglu, Events & Community Coordinator at Data

"Welcome to Data Natives!"

6:35 - 6:55 PM: Eric Kontargyris, Director of Sales Engineering at OmniSci

"Speed Meets Scale: Interactively Analysing and Visualising Billions of Rows with GPU-powered Analytics"

Data analytics never seems to be fast enough, especially as data grows and the number of sources expands. The shift from legacy databases to in-memory databases helped, but the speed and scale of CPU-based solutions have not kept pace with the needs of data analysts, who want interactive querying, visualization, and decision-making with their data. This lagging user experience costs time and money for companies that are increasingly data-rich but insight poor. In this presentation, we will explain what is causing the shift to GPUs, and how they are fundamentally changing the analytics space. We will also show, using demos, the use of GPUs for performing fast analytics at scale, including SQL queries, interactive data visualization, and integration with typical data science and machine learning workflows.

7:00 - 7:20 PM: Aleksandr Volochnev, Developer Advocate at DataStax

"Ten Little Servers: A Story of no Downtime"

Cloud Infrastructure is a hostile environment: a power supply failure or a network outage leads to downtime and big losses. There is nothing we can trust: a single server, a server rack, even a whole datacenter can fail, and if an application is fragile by design, disruption is inevitable. We must distribute our application and diversify cloud data strategy to survive disturbances of any scale. Apache Cassandra is a cloud-native platform-agnostic database that stores data with a distributed redundancy so it easily survives any issue. What to know how Apple and Netflix handle petabytes of data, keeping it highly available? Join us and listen to a story of 10 little servers and no downtime!

7:25 - 7:40 PM: Timothy Thatcher, Fullstack Data Engineer at Suburbia

"Point in Time Labeling at Scale"

In the data industry, having correctly labelled datasets is vital. Timothy Thatcher explains how tagging your data while considering time and location and complex hierarchical rules at scale can be handled.

07:45- 08:00 PM: Stef Ruinard, Machine Learning Engineer at ML6

"Advanced Computer Vision: Applied Image Segmentation"

A presentation about the workings of image segmentation (in particular Mask RCNN) and how it can be applied in different business domains.

08:05 - 8:45 PM: Networking

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