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13 Jun. 2014


Freelance IT guy with a strong interest in Bitcoin and how it will shape the future.

What do you see as being the future of Bitcoin?

I believe we will continue to see an exponential increase in adoption following an "s-curve" similar to that of other technology in history like the telephone, the radio, and the internet itself. I expect Bitcoin’s rise in adoption to be much faster, and similar to that of previous internet based technologies such as social media. Bitcoin is an entirely new asset class that in future has uses as both a transactional medium and store of wealth. I believe Bitcoin will capture some of the precious metals market as Bitcoin, with its finite supply can provide the hedge against fiat money inflation many precious metals buyers seek but at lower transactioal cost and greater fungibility. I believe Bitcoin will become the primary means of paying for things on the internet and as an alternative international currency usable alongside local currencies. This is particularly helpful to travelers who will less frequently need to convert their money to local currencies

How did you find us?

Google search

What would you like to gain from the group?

Meet and network with others with an interest in cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency businesses. I'd also like to find out what way I might be able to contribute to the Bitcoin community in Australia.