Holochain vs. Ethereum + Latest on Blockchain & Securities

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Blockchain Professionals
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What we'll do

6:00pm Arrivals & networking
6:30pm Presentation- Part 1 - An Ethereum & Holochain Comparison & Why both Technologies are Important Step Changes
7:00pm Pizza break
7:30pm Presentation- Part 2 - Latest on Blockchain & Securities
8:00pm More networking
8:30 Meetup ends

Part 1 - An Ethereum & Holochain Comparison & Why both Technologies are Important Step Changes

Web3 is exploding in all directions and new development paradigms are emerging.

Holochain is pioneering the agent centric paradigm. In this talk we will cover the scope of Bitcoin and Ethereum and the problems they solved and the problems Holochain are out to solve and why they complement each other.

We will introduce you to the difference between “Agent Centric” and “Data Centric” and if we have time we will also demonstrate an Agent Centric peer to peer Smart Contract on Holochain.

Part 2 - Latest on Blockchain & Securities

The regulatory landscape around these emerging technologies is unclear, it’s also not very clear what constitutes a security. When is a cryptocurrency a security? How do you legally define a Smart Contract or when do you treat results from government bodies as oracles that feed into Smart Contracts?

In this discussion, we will explore the, Issuing, Trading; and International Passporting; of securities.

We will also discuss, what Old School regulation can be stretched to fit the new?... !
Some suggested structures for issuing securities such as Debenture Mortgage Tokens (DMT’s); and Managed Investment Schemes could be used.

Then we will discuss International passporting with our American friends; and the reach of Reg S, Reg D and Reg A+, Zug and the Islands, maybe even Eastern Europe?; and Australia.

----About the Speakers----

Thomas Miller

Thomas is originally trained as a Medical engineer, then self taught developer pioneered the Smart Contract scene in Brisbane, by starting and running the Brisbane Ethereum Meetups holding the first Ethereum meetings back in 2014 from his living room.

His insight led him to be the first person to officially work with ConsenSys in Australia and putting forward the first ConsenSys Australia team. Thomas has built a decentralised ERC20 exchange on 0x protocol, educated banks and run numerous developer trainings around the globe helping teams get setup with Ethereum Blockchain Development.

For the past 6 months Thomas has been raising awareness for holochain, and peer to peer validation and highlights the stability and scalability it brings via his holohcain podcast.

He now hosts Holochain development programs for aspiring holochain developers and nurtures cross industry polinitation between financial services and Web3 tech as a director of a financial services law firm NXT Legal & Compliance PTY LTD.

Thomas is not a lawyer and does not give legal advice.

Connect: www.linkedin.com/in/thomas-miller[masked]b

Louis de Beer

Louis is a solicitor who works in the area of financial services. He is the legal practice director of NXT Legal & Compliance, which has been set up from day one to focus on SmartContract, RegTech and commerce into the Web3 age.

Louis has a background as a CEO and CFO in broadcast media and logistics and understands the issues that businesses face daily.
He has been involved in development of several Web3 offerings and cryptocurrency exchanges.

Connect: https://www.linkedin.com/in/louisdebeer/

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