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You could probably say I ‘cut my teeth’ in the University World and Private Industry Sector. I’ve always been interested in the ‘techie’ ‘geeky’ stuff and found I had a natural way of imparting my knowledge in "plain easy to understand language" to my students and clients. Over the years I’ve owned bricks and mortar businesses – but my jaw hit the floor when I realised just how much freedom and leverage you can have with your own online business.

Monetizing my Blog was the best decision I ever made to enable me to Generate A Healthy Monthly Income.

I was always a good speller, but writing… not so much – I didn’t suck at it but I really struggled. I had swallowed (and believed in) the false security of ‘working for other people’, too scared to step forward and too scared to have a voice. I found my strongest skill was to be able to explain ‘geeky, techie’ stuff to people in ‘plain English” and that’s what kept the hope and fire alive within me until I could find a way to unveil my passion.

My core gift is helping people succeed. That’s what really makes my day.

So when my clients say to me “Hey Patricia, I understood what you said and made it happen” that’s like Gold to me. I found that by combining my technical, geeky expertise with Blogging I could help people turn their passion into an online business using my “Blogging for Profit” strategy.

So, I set out to discover the best, easiest and funnest (yes it can be fun) techniques I could use to make this journey an enjoyable and rewarding one for everybody.

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