What we're about

This group is for likeminded people who would like to journey the road with other transform-ational thinking people looking for their soul's purpose and in doing so connect with their authentic self.

Let us help each other write our Life Statement, let us rewrite our self interest goals and take on contributing goals.

Make a conscious decision to be the one who opens all the doors as the keys are found in our authentic self. This will allow you to clarify your life's purpose and realign what other people think of you.

Have the courage to go outside your comfort your zone. Take back your external focus of control and become internally focused. This is not the same being insensitive - you will become centered and powerful.

It is my belief we are designed to be a purpose seeking mechanism and you have been shaped by life good/bad experiences now make a decision as to who you are from this day forward.

This group will offer many opportunities over the coming year to give you the tools and guidence and support to connect some will come at a cost and others will be free.
The aim of the group will be to contribute to help others reach their soul purpose by helping to open doors that will allow for a more enlightened path for all.

The group once formed will be supportive of each other. It is my belief that if we help others reach their spiritual and artistic goals we will reap the rewards of a better and more rewarding life.

Past Events

Meeting get together to plan 2019

to be advised depending on numbers


Needs a location

Art for the heart exhibition

Parliment House

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