What we're about

This group is for all you Dads out there, at any age and at any stage of your journey with your kids.
Whether you are:
A 'separated' dad
A 'single' dad
A 'divorced' dad
A 'looking to re-connect with your kids' dad
An 'every 2nd weekend' dad, or
A 'full-time' dad.

All it matters is that your a Dad that wants to make the most of your time with your kids, while helping to inspire them as they grow.

Life goes by in the flash of an eye and fundamentally what we all want, is to help our kids to grow into amazing and confident young adults with all the necessary tools and opportunities that they will need to be safe and successful.
After all, that's our job as Dads.

I have only just taken on the role as organiser for this awesome group and I'm looking forward to helping steer it in a positive, fulfilling and inspiring direction, through activities, adventures and community causes.

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