• Systems Thinking - Acumen Systems Practice course summary and examples

    Systems practice is a way to make sense of complex environments and uncover the dynamics that have the greatest potential for impact. If you are curious about systems thinking or are considering the systems thinking course offered by Plus Acumen, join us (Della Churchill and Jacinta Mulholland) for a course audit and practical case study. Striving to create enduring change in our complex, dynamic world can feel daunting. With so many interconnected forces at play, it’s easy to get discouraged by detours, false assumptions, roadblocks, and dead ends. We recently undertook the intense PlusAcumen Systems Practise course and look forward to sharing our experience in creating a systems model for the challenge of homelessness amongst those with mental ill health. The course led us through each step of understanding a system, analyzing it to find points of leverage, and learning how to adapt in a changing environment. We gained access to a portfolio of step-by-step tools, processes, and mindsets that work on wicked problems across complex systems which we’ll summarise for the MeetUp. What the course offers: • Map a complex system to gain clarity • Identify specific points in the system where you can make a big impact • Create leverage hypotheses to describe how you will aim to create systemic change Please also check out our NEW LinkedIn group: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12220368/ A place for us to share Meetup related content and interact between Meetups. Join the group to stay in touch!

  • Measuring the experience - Meaningful measurement in service blueprinting

    During our last Meetup: Service Blueprinting – going beyond customer insights; there were a few questions about where and how measurement fits in to the blueprinting approach. So this month we will dive into that subject – how to apply meaningful measurement to service blueprinting. One of our members, Mark Hocknell is skilled in using PuMP (the performance measurement methodology developed by Stacey Barr) and applying it to customer journeys, CX projects and service blueprinting. Mark will give us an overview of this approach to performance measurement, then demonstrate two way of applying this approach to customer journeys and service blueprinting. We are also planning for some time to try this approach hands-on. Please also check out our NEW LinkedIn group: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12220368/ A place for us to share Meetup related content and interact between Meetups. Join the group to stay in touch!

  • Service Blueprinting - going beyond customer insights.

    Readify Brisbane

    Join us to understand why mapping your persona's customer journey to an organisations processes and technology improves end to end customer experience. There'll be case studies as well as practical on-the-tools tips.



    It’s that time of year, when we all get together and celebrate the goodness that is the Brisbane design and product community. This year we have EIGHT groups combining for one awesome social event: - CX and Design Thinking - UX Brisbane - Ladies That UX - Content Strategy - Product Tank - UI + Visual Design - Purposeful CX - Product of BNE If you’re a member of more than one of those groups too, please RSVP to only once! Just Digital People have generously stocked us up with plenty of drinks, both the alcoholic and non-alcoholic, and finger food, and we’ll have some snacks and juices care of YouFoodz. There may even be some lucky door prizes. Massive thanks to JDP for supporting the community, and sponsoring this event.

  • CX, UX, SD, Design Thinking... How does it all fit together?

    So, what are they all about then? How do they fit together? We hear UX, CX, Service Design and a whole bunch of other terms bandied around, but are we really speaking the same language, or is your Greek my Dwarvish? Join us for a panel discussion on the disciplines that make up our field and let's unpack some language! Audience participation is encouraged!

  • A few of my favourite things ... and yours!

    Readify Brisbane

    After a small hiatus, we'd like to bring our community back together in our new venue for an evening of sharing our latest favourite tools and tricks. Please consider what you can contribute and let us know what it might be by direct message. Presentations of 5 - 15 minutes are ideal. We can't wait to see what you come up with and naturally we have something special to share with you.

  • Ethnographic Fieldwork and Design Anthropology

    Chris Hayward, currently Director of Design Research at the Design Farm Collective and formerly Design Research Lead at Fjord, will run an interactive session on Ethnographic Fieldwork and Design Anthropology. This is an opportunity to power up your user research and leverage insights from society and anthropological discipline. This will be a salon-style session of a short presentation and then a discussion of key issues in industry based Ethnographic Fieldwork. Looking forward to seeing you all!

  • How user experience helps design for healthcare built environments

    Conrad Gargett Senior Associate Paul Emmet will be presenting a number of examples including a VR demonstration from a recent hospital design. He summarises the talk as follows: "User consultation allows the integration of processes and ideas into the design. The design process for any new healthcare environment is a complex process with many different stakeholders and user engagement. An exemplary process includes a collaboration of knowledge and ideas. The design of any health facility needs to have user involvement as its core objective throughout the design process and with the power of virtual reality (VR) this process is becoming more interactive. Recently completed projects from Conrad Gargett include Lady Cliento Children’s Hospital (joint venture Lyons) and St Stephens Hospital, Hervey Bay which both provide an example for the development of a facility which embraces the collaborative process with user engagement at its core and as a result delivered outcomes that would not have been available through conventional brief responses. The presentation will address from the perspective of the design team, with the help of VR, the challenges presented in the design and collaboration process in the implementation of both public and private health facilities. Discussion and resolution of design challenges offers a valuable contribution to the continual refinement of the design process, building environments to promote health and well-being and improve the quality of care in our hospitals."

  • Explore human centred design in the built environment focusing on aged care

    TOPIC: Join Justin O'Neill, Principal of O'Neill Architects and member of the QLD Retirement Living Council, for a discussion on how strategic design thinking is used to achieve their client's aims, not just draw buildings. This is the first of a two part series looking at the application of design thinking and customer experience to the build environment via practical case studies from leading Brisbane architects. OUR SPEAKER: Justin O'Neill has recently completed a European study tour of aged and dementia care facilities as this is a particular focus for O'Neill Architects. He'll be sharing his insights into how user research and a deeper understanding of client context, environmental needs and regulatory demands informs the design of buildings for this growing user group. More about Justin O'Neill: https://www.linkedin.com/in/justin-o-neill-4221262a/ UP NEXT: Our April 4th MeetUp will be looking at the deep customer research and VR work that informs hospital design.