What we're about

This group has 2 main areas of focus:

1- Women wanting to find solutions to weight-loss and natural hormone regulation:

• Woman who are struggling with their weight on a day-to-day basis.

• Woman who are seeking to take control of their health with more than just a diet or exercise regime.

• Woman who can't wait to get Clear Skin, More Energy and Freedom from Unsightly Facial Hair.

• Woman who want to naturally cure their hormonal issues such as PCOS (poly-cystic ovarian syndrome), thyroid imbalances and endometriosis.

2- Anyone that is feeling stressed, overwhelmed and lacking in energy throughout the day.

• Feel exhausted in the mornings

• Stressed with your life

• Feel flat in the afternoons.

The group is here to give you the tools to improve your energy, create wellness and encourage you to choose motivation over idleness and happiness over sadness. I started this group to help as many people as I can to reach their fullest potential. To live a life with endless energy and to find that happiness and spark with your relationships and family again.

It's easy to feel stuck and frustrated with your life. I get that. I also understand that with the right support and help you can achieve everything you want from life. All it takes is one simple step of ACTION:)

I am also dedicated to helping women understand their bodies and the innate messages they are being given. Finding the answers to weight-loss, acne, hormone imbalances and the craziness that can occur every month, will help you feel balanced, lose weight naturally and have clear skin again!

Our Meetup events will be held in Brisbane. I am starting them on the North side but will endeavour to make them accessible to people from all sides of the city, by hosting future events either within the inner city suburbs as well as each side of the city.

Past Events

Activate Your Endless-Energy!

Zest Health Centre

Let's Create Endless-Energy!

Zest Health Centre

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