Surfers Paradise - 9 holes $22 + $1 (12 players) Booked with Pam 13/11

Brisbane Ladies Social Golf
Brisbane Ladies Social Golf
Public group

Every week on Sunday until 4 January 2020

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What we'll do

Meet at the Pro Shop - at the specified time or earlier. If you are running late please post a comment so the group knows.

RSVP - AS ALWAYS ... if your circumstances change PLEASE change your RSVP on this site as soon as possible so that everyone can see who and how many players we have.

Hi Ladies

Welcome to the Brisbane Ladies Golf group and our scheduled game.

Whilst we must adhere to rules and etiquette, the main goal of our group is to have a wonderful day with lovely people, fresh air, sunshine and hopefully a few good shots. Whilst some of us do score, many do not. We are not a competitive group and as such we do not follow competition rules eg if you want to move the ball out of gravel, a tree, sand etc then you do so. This is about us getting out and playing golf with like minded people and hopefully, in time, improving our game - but all in all ... your game is your game.

If you would like some advice please feel free ask other players.

However please do not 'coach' other players without being asked first (as this may distract from their 'social' game experience).

:) Kimberley

Golf etiquette:

All players (including social players) mush adhere to the general rules regarding golf etiquette. Here are some key points all players sure be mindful of:

# always check and update your rsvp ... and be on time.

# quick play .... if you can't keep up with the group in front, and there is group behind you (that have to keep waiting for you) -let them through.

# do not hold up play for score keeping, phone calls / texts, or practice swings - it is recommended that you record your score at the next hole while you are waiting to tee off (never while you are on the green), and that each player only takes 1 .. but i think we can take 2 .. practice swings for each shot. Feel free to take additional shots while waiting for another player to take their shot .. just make sure you are out of their line of sight (and ball :))

# order of play .... at tee off .. whoever is ready first .. tees off.

# lost balls ... take your shot and then help other players look for their ball If a group is behind you .. it is recommended you do not spend any more than 5 mins.

# putting ... sometimes its time efficient to let a player putt their ball out rather than adhere to the 'furthermost from the hole' principle.

# course care ... please repair divets and rake bunkers where appropriate ...

1. Typical Distances

Typically clubs are selected for the different distances they hit the ball. For the average female these are the following distances as a guideline:

1 wood 160 metres

3 wood 140 metres

5 wood 120 metres

7 wood 100 metres

3 iron 120 metres

4 iron 110 metres

5 iron 100 metres

6 iron 90 metres

7 iron 80 metres

8 iron 70 metres

9 iron 60 metres

Pitching Wedge (PW) 50 metres

Sand Wedge (SW) 40 metres

Give or take 10 metres for hilly or windy conditions.