Ultimate Freedom - mind re-patterning Workshop

Brisbane Life Coaching  & neurological repatterning Meetup
Brisbane Life Coaching & neurological repatterning Meetup
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3 Mangaroon Ct

3 Mangaroon Ct · Shailer Park

How to find us

left side of the home - follow footpath to rear of the home to seminar room.

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What we'll do

Anything that helps you move toward your goal and progress toward your vision is called success. Success is achieved as a result of alignment. When your values, beliefs and emotions align, you move forward congruently toward your desired outcome. Self sabotage, could therefore be considered anything that moves you away from that vision, goal or outcome.

Self sabotage shows up in your career, your health and even your relationships. During this training, you will be able to identify exactly why you self sabotage, and discover ways to resolve the underlying needs so that you can consciously and unconsciously avoid self sabotage in the future.

- Devise your vision and ultimate purpose in life.
- Discover how to shift your identity (the way that you think and feel about yourself, yourself image).
- Discover the 6 main reasons why self sabotage has shown up in the various areas of your life.
- Discover the 3 ways to prevent self sabotage from leading you away from your goals and hearts desires.

After we have identified your self sabotaging behaviour, and the reasons why you have used self sabotage in the past, we will re-pattern your mind to choose alternative empowering behaviours instead.
We will reprogram your mind to automatically focus on the 3 areas of prevention, so that you can produce outstanding results in your life.

During this Workshop you will use the Ultimate Freedom tool to deeply and completely re-pattern your mind so that you are free from self Sabotage.

If you feel like you are not progressing as fast as you like, get your unconscious mind onside, and find out what life is like when you are completely congruent in thought, word and action.



Cost is $105


These YouTube clips are from previous workshops on this topic.