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July Meetup - Dates, Times and Statistics

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Time is Terrible! -- Adrian Clark

Sure, we use dates and times every day but don't let that lull you into a false sense of security. Without care, there are many hidden traps which may snare you while building your application. Have you considered Government interference? What about how you handle influences from beyond this Earth?
"What about just using DateTimeOffset? That solves everything, right?"
No! Look, just come along and let me explain how to handle the different types of time when building applications. You'll also hear some crazy stories, learn a little about how things got so complicated, and hopefully by the end of the night you'll at least be able tell your offset from your time zone.

For Loops == Stats: Computational Approaches to Common Statistics -- Enrique Bustamante

Sometimes, the analytic approach to statistics is a bit of a pain. Symbol dense, needs looking up in a textbook or Wikipedia, and it's easy to forget the question you were asking initially. That's where hacking your way to an answer comes in.
If you can write a for loop, you can get around to some pretty decent stats on your data, especially if you need something quick. In this presentation, attendees will learn about four computational statistical methods that are easy to remember and implement that can save quite a bit of time.