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Brisbane Silicon Beach (BNESB) is an informal group for anyone interested in founding or working in startups, dev/design in web/mobile tech, freelancing, mentoring, consulting, investing or working with folks in the tech/startup space. We are a diverse bunch covering all ages, backgrounds and first point of call for newcomers to the Brisbane startup community. We welcome Silicon Beachers of all skill levels - those with just an idea, to post-revenue startups and everyone in between.

Even if you are curious and wondering what this startup hype is all about, you are very welcome to join. While many groups pride themselves in connecting “like minded” people, Silicon Beach is on a mission to connect people who think differently. Some of the world's greatest businesses have launched with diverse minds collaborating.

This is the second iteration of Brisbane Silicon Beach. The first group was active untill March 2018 and rebranded as Myraid Connect, after nearly 3,000 members have joined under the Silicon Beach brand over several years. So here we are, back again in startup mode, BNESB v2. This meetup is supported by Melbourne Silicon Beach - Australia's most successful Silicon Beach with nearly 10,000 members. Check us out on Meetup https://www.meetup.com/Melbourne-Silicon-Beach/ and SiliconNews on Medium https://medium.com/siliconnews

Silicon Beach has a long history - original Google Group is still active at https://groups.google.com/d/forum/silicon-beach-australia

Join #TeamSiliconBeach - Silicon Beaches are 100% volunteer run with sponsorship from small businesses and post revenue startups. We hope to hand over the organising of Brisbane Silicon Beach to a local organising team as soon as possible. We expect Brisbane startup community to do their own thing here in collaboration with the other startup groups, organisations, small businesses and service providers in the brilliant Brisbane startup eco-system. There is no fixed formulae. We are not a franchise - together, let’s find out what works best for Brisbane.

Please join Silicon Beach Oz Slack at http://slack.siliconbeach.community/ and add yourself to #brisbane_sb channel. We will be holding regular Zoom sessions to connect Brisbane startup community to rest of Australia and the world. Download Zoom here - https://zoom.us/

Why not sponsor us? See the Melbourne Silicon Beach sponsorships here - http://bit.ly/SiliconSponsor

Sponsorships for Brisbane will be announced soon. We are searching for our business model (just like a startup!) so that we can support BNESB and other Silicon Beach communities across the country. We are on a mission to create a connected network of startup communities across Australia.

See you on the Beach!

“If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far, go with others” ~ African proverb

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