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Welcome to the BIGGEST SOCIAL MEETUP GROUP in Brisbane!!!

This group is growing FAST! Join in the FUN! Our focus is on activities! EVERY WEEK we have - walking meetups, trivia nights, meditation and a WEEKLY SATURDAY NIGHT SOCIAL meetup. Every MONTH we have ice skating, movies a 'NEWBIE'S' Saturday night drinks meetup and a restaurant night - so you can meet our wonderful, friendly hosts!

Everyone who comes along finds our events to be friendly, safe, relaxed and well organised and we only have a few hosts so that you are sure to see a familiar, friendly face. We like to introduce people around (just ask the host to do so)... you will have a great time if you are a newbie. A few things about our fantastic group-


* We DO NOT promote any businesses or charities - we always have been and will be purely SOCIAL! ALL OUR EVENTS ARE TOTALLY FREE AND WILL STAY THAT WAY (except we may request $2 once a month at one of our Saturday night events - but only if you attend THAT event.) All meetup groups have to pay meetup.com to use their site and this group pays the highest fee....

* We encourage people of EVERY AGE to attend.


* We are NOT on face book ONLY the meetup site. There is a group with exactly the same name as this group but it is NOT this group..

* You DO NOT have to be single to join our group because we have 'joint functions' with other groups all the time and if you do connect with someone ...THAT IS GREAT........you are welcome to stay in the group!

Joining our group and attending events is a great way to meet others who have the same interests while having HEAPS OF FUN TIMES TOO!


We hope to see you soon!




* If you think you are getting too many emails about events - just go to the 'MY PROFILE' tab and turn off the automatic emails and then you can just visit the main page whenever you want.

* WE ARE A SOCIAL GROUP- our intention is for single people to make FRIENDSHIPS in person - so we request that members DO NOT email other members as if on a dating site. Organisers can not stop people from emailing each other so if you receive an email that you are uncomfortable about - don't react - just 'block' that person or you can go to your profile and change the email setting so that you only get emails from Organisers.


*A real life photo of yourself is requested for the site.

* Please do not upload photos of events as we prefer that only our hosts do that.


* Only our hosts arrange events in our group.


Any inappropriate or offensive comments or behaviours that are not aligned with our intention of being a SOCIAL GROUP will be removed and the member will be BANNED. The issue may be mentioned at the monthly 'Brisbane Organisers' Meetup and maybe forwarded on to 'Meetup Headquarters' for future action. Our goal is for a safe, happy and friendly environment for all. We are a really awesome meetup group!

So come along to an event our fantastic group soon and meet lots of awesome people! We hope to meet you soon! from your friendly hosts!

Upcoming events (5+)

'Walking, eating, drinking & socialising'- EVERY SUNDAY! @ 4 o'clock!!

Holman Street Ferry Terminal

*** This walk is meant to be a slow social walk😊😊😊😆 Meet for a scenic walk from Kangaroo Point (at the entrance of the Holman Ferry Terminal - near the Jazz Club) then up towards Southbank and then over the Goodwill Bridge then back around the back of Q.U.T. and then we always stop at the Jade Buddha. You can eat there or just have a drink. AFTER STOPPING AT THE JADE BUDDHA you have a choice- 1. CATCH the ferry back over to Kangaroo Point or 2. WALK back over the bridge to where we started. Dress for WALKING as we are all VERY casual. People can walk at whatever pace they want. SLOW WALKING IS ENCOURAGED.....!!!!!!!! it is friendly, relaxed and there is no pressure to power walk and FUR KIDS are always welcome too - but cannot come into the Jade Buddha of course. We stop at the beginning of the Goodwill bridge so that slower walkers can catch up and we all can stay together. There is usually 5 to 10 people attending each Sunday. If you can't find a spot to park...just go to 'Wharf Street'...which is the first left street after the 'Nite Owl' (which is opposite the hotel) and there are plenty of places to park there..................... http://photos4.meetupstatic.com/photos/event/1/2/2/2/600_3 WE DON'T WAIT FOR ANYONE (even if you have rsvp'd YES) - NOT EVEN THE ORGANISERS. YOU ARE BEST TO ARRIVE 10-15 EARLY IF YOU DON'T KNOW THE WAY TO GO AND IF YOU MISS US .... YOU CAN CATCH US BY GOING IN THE DIRECTION OF THE GOODWILL BRIDGE...... We meet EVERY SUNDAY - no matter what the weather is like- we catch the ferry over to the Jade Buddah and then back again even if it is raining!!! So you never have to worry if it is on or not! ALSO, THERE IS A .*** very fast paced walk ...... EVERY THURSDAY (at 5.30 - not 3.45) AND THE WALK IS FOLLOWED BY A SENSATIONAL DINNER AT THE STORY BRIDGE HOTEL. P.S. - PLEASE STAY ON THE WALKING PATH - NOT THE BIKE TRACK- it is painted on the ground and can be a bit confusing but once you get to the Q.U.T. side you don't have to worry about it. We hope to see you there! ALSO - OUR WALK IS REALLY ABOUT BEING SOCIAL- WITH EXERCISE AS A BONUS IF YOU FEEL LIKE YOU ARE LACKING A BIT OF MOTIVATION - THINK OF THESE 'EXERCISE FACTS' LISTED BELOW...... EXERCISE FACTS- Regular exercise at the correct intensity can: . Significantly improve OVERALL health . Reduce the risk of HEART DISEASE by 40% . Lower the risk of STROKE by 27% . Reduce the incidence of HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE by almost 50% . Reduce the incidence of DIABETES by almost 50% . Reduce the mortality and the risk of recurrent BREAST CANCER by almost 50% . Lower the risk of COLON CANCER by 60% . Reduce the risk of developing ALXEHEIMER'S DISEASE by one third . Decrease DEPRESSION as effectively as medications or behavioural therapy and remember (for extra motivation to come along)- the GREAT FOOD and CHEAP DRINKS at the Jade too!!!!!

Meditation at WEST END!!!

Australian School of Meditation & Yoga

Join us at the School of Yoga and Meditation at West End for 45 minutes of calming meditation. You don't need to bring anything to the class because they supply it all...mats, pillows, eye cushions, blankets etc. All you need to to do is lay there while you are guided through a variety of relaxation and meditation techniques accompanied by beautiful, calming music. There may be some chanting by the instructor and people can join in - but that is purely voluntary!! THE CLASS IS FREE- but if you want to give the centre a coin donation that is up to you (there is a donation box near the front door) YOU SHOULD GET A PARKING SPOT DIRECTLY ACROSS THE ROAD...NO PROBLEMS AT ALL....AND THE CENTRE HAS AIR CONDITIONING!! THE CLASS ACTUALLY STARTS AT 5.30 AND ENDS AT 6.15 SO YOU ARE BEST TO GET THERE AT 5.15 TO GET READY TO START AT 5.30....... PLEASE NOTE THERE IS NO EVENT HOST MOST TIMES. This event is not really a great opportunity to meet people because of the nature of the class- everyone is on the floor with blankets on, but you can leave a comment down below and maybe catch up with people from meetup after the class if you want! We leave it on our calendar because it is such a great place and people really appreciate knowing about it! THE INSTRUCTOR WILL DO EVERYTHING SHE CAN TO MAKE YOU FEEL WELCOME!! So chill out and kick back on a Monday night and then have a great week!! ***PLEASE NOTE THAT THE CENTRE IS CLOSED PUBLIC HOLIDAYS!!! - sometimes if we forget to take if off our calendar...sorry! Rosie is hosting at the moment and most weeks a group head off down the road for a dinner after the class....email her if you are interested in going as well....☺

TUESDAY TRIVIA @ the 'The Stones Corner Hotel'

The Stones Corner Hotel

Meet us at the Stones Corner Hotel for a friendly game of trivia. We will be there at 6.15 to socialise and eat but the game actually starts at 7pm. There is a limit of 20 people and then a waiting list for this weekly event. There are reasonable meal deals for $15. The car park is small but there should be plenty of places to park on the streets. IF YOU CANNOT MAKE IT ...PLEASE CHANGE YOUR R.S.V.P. SO THAT SOMEONE ON THE WAITING LIST CAN HAVE YOUR PLACE. If you are unsure of anything just email Rosie or Julie or leave a comment on the site. Ask at the bar if you can not find the group or ask the trivia compare where Rosie's group is.... See you there!! Rosie... p.s. please do not post photos on the site ...we prefer only hosts to do that...

WEDNESDAY TRIVIA @ - 'The Junction Hotel' -

The Junction Hotel

https://secure.meetupstatic.com/photos/event/7/1/0/e/600_21578894 Join us for a fun game of trivia at Annerley! THE GAME- starts at 7pm and it is FREE to play....we can meet a bit earlier so that we can have a chat and dinner (if you want). As with all our trivia games - it is all about having fun and meeting new and familiar people...so we hope you can join us..... If you have any concerns or questions email Rosie or Julie or leave a comment on the site. We are usually at the tables near the stairs that lead to the pokies but sometimes they move us so you may need to ask at the bar or the trivia host or leave a message below.... so join us for a great night...see you there! .....Rosie * There always seems to be a problem with the google map for this event...so you may need to use your sat. nav. to find the hotel...it is opposite the Annerley Police Station and Library (Waldeim St)...the hotel used to be called the 'Muddy Farmer'.....it is on the fork of the road where Annerley and Ipswich Road split....

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