Meditation at WEST END!!!

Public group

Australian School of Meditation & Yoga

320 Montague Rd West End · Brisbane

How to find us

If you get there at about 5.15 you should be able to ask who is from MEETUP...

Location image of event venue

What we'll do

Join us at the School of Yoga and Meditation at West End for 45 minutes of calming meditation. You don't need to bring anything to the class because they supply it all...mats, pillows, eye cushions, blankets etc. All you need to to do is lay there while you are guided through a variety of relaxation and meditation techniques accompanied by beautiful, calming music. There may be some chanting by the instructor and people can join in - but that is purely voluntary!! THE CLASS IS FREE- but if you want to give the centre a coin donation that is up to you (there is a donation box near the front door) YOU SHOULD GET A PARKING SPOT DIRECTLY ACROSS THE ROAD...NO PROBLEMS AT ALL....AND THE CENTRE HAS AIR CONDITIONING!! THE CLASS ACTUALLY STARTS AT 5.30 AND ENDS AT 6.15 SO YOU ARE BEST TO GET THERE AT 5.15 TO GET READY TO START AT 5.30....... PLEASE NOTE THERE IS NO EVENT HOST MOST TIMES. This event is not really a great opportunity to meet people because of the nature of the class- everyone is on the floor with blankets on, but you can leave a comment down below and maybe catch up with people from meetup after the class if you want! We leave it on our calendar because it is such a great place and people really appreciate knowing about it! THE INSTRUCTOR WILL DO EVERYTHING SHE CAN TO MAKE YOU FEEL WELCOME!! So chill out and kick back on a Monday night and then have a great week!! ***PLEASE NOTE THAT THE CENTRE IS CLOSED PUBLIC HOLIDAYS!!! - sometimes if we forget to take if off our calendar...sorry!
Rosie is hosting at the moment and most weeks a group head off down the road for a dinner after the her if you are interested in going as well....☺