• Paul Wintour (aka. Parametric Monkey) Brisbane Presentation

    Paul is the founder of Parametric Monkey and a registered architect in NSW and the UK. He is a member of the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA) and has a detailed understanding of the complexities within the construction industry, having worked extensively in Australia, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and The Netherlands. Paul holds a Masters of Architecture and Urbanism from the Architectural Association’s Design Research Laboratory and has also studied at the Queensland University of Technology and l’école d’architecture de Paris Val-de-Seine where he received a Bachelor of Architecture with Honours. He has taught at the University of Technology Sydney, the University of New South Wales, the Queensland University of Technology, the University of Hong Kong, and the Architectural Association. Paul will present some of his recent work including the digital fabrication on UTS Central, and MetricMonkey, Parametric Monkey's feasibility software which enables architects, urban designers and property developers to evaluate designs in real-time via an interactive dashboard.

  • Visualisation, VR and AR for engagement

    BVN Brisbane

    Hi all - this session we will have several different speakers presenting work related to innovation in visualisation, VR and AR. The potential for gaming technologies to significantly influence building design processes, and it's growth within Brisbane industry, will be discussed. Speakers for the evening will be: 1. Chris Dirkis from Aurecon, discussing immersive, interactive visual communications. 2. Shuwei Zhang, presenting his own work using VR and machine learning to analyse comparative point cloud scans over time. 3. Janza Rossi from Toast VR, demonstrating Richie's Plank Experience... a game that should make after presentation drinks quite interesting: https://toast.gg/downloads/RichiesPlankTrailer.mp4 I will be filming people playing the game to post online, so if you would prefer not to be recorded please let me know immediately after the presentations and demo.


    Matt Wash and Ivan Tejada Navajas will be presenting using practice real world examples this talk will compare biological and algorithmic evolution and analyse the current suite of tools currently available to carry out optioning and optimisation.

  • Mohammed Makki Developer of Wallacei - An Analytic Engine for Grasshopper 3D

    https://www.wallacei.com/ Wallacei is based on research carried out by Mohammed Makki during his Doctoral studies at the Architectural Association under the directorship of Dr. Michael Weinstock. Although the conducted research utilised evolutionary computation as a problem solving tool for design problems, the focus of the research was on the ‘bookends’ of the evolutionary simulation. I.e. what takes place on either side of the evolutionary algorithm; in which the focus was primarily on the formulation of the design problem, analysis of the outputted results and the selection of the optimised solutions. ​ Through extensive collaboration, Milad Showkatbakhsh, a graduate from the Pratt institute and who was also part of Dr. Weinstock’s PhD group, joined Mohammed in pushing the research forward and publishing the developed tools for others to benefit from. This comprised the first release of Wallacei, and was published in January 2018 as a set of analytic tools that could analyse the data outputted by any evolutionary simulation.​ Although the first release was comprised from analytic tools, the greater ambition was for Wallacei to provide users with a fully fledged evolutionary engine, in which the algorithm, analysis and selection can all be conducted within one user interface; and so the Wallacei team started to work on this not long after the release of Wallacei Analytics in early 2018. ​ Throughout this period, Yutao Song, a graduate from the Architectural Association’s Emergent Technologies and Design Program, as well as a holder of an M.Res. from the Bartlet’s Space Syntax Lab, joined the Wallacei Team for the development and release of Wallacei X, the latest instalment of the Wallacei platform.​ What started as a primitive toolset, has evolved into a robust engine for designers of all levels of expertise. The Wallacei team continue to push their research forward with the aim to advance the Wallacei platform to further benefit all users of evolutionary computation in design.

  • Parametrics for Fabrication

    Plus Architecture

    From design to fabrication, our speakers from Arup Melbourne - Clayton Riddle, John Legge-Wilkinson and Ajdin Bekiri - will talk about the workflows of using parametric design software to link directly to the manufacturing processes, for both building and infrastructure projects. Looking at both steel and concrete fabrication techniques in, presentations will focus on what can be achieved through the use of models alone, and the benefits of 3D workflows versus traditional procurement using 2D documentation as a go-between.

  • Computational Design PechaKucha

    BVN Brisbane

    Have you done anything interesting in the Computational Design Space this year? This is your opportunity to show it off........whether it be Design Optimisation, Cool Geometry, Data Manipulation, ESD, or even an Epic Fail! Basic to Advanced if you have done anything, it is worth presenting it. The PechaKucha format allows for you to show a couple of slides for a couple of minutes......no judgments, no heckling, just the warm encouragement of the Brisbane Computational Design Group! If you would like to add a presentation please email me at [masked] and I can add it to the presentation. Should be a fun way to end the year. The usual beer and pizzas and lively conversations. A big thank you from Bianca and myself to all those that have presented, hosted, contributed or attended during 2018.

  • UAP and QUT Explore the Future of Making Things

    UAP Workshop

    Future Design to Manufacturing Techniques, Computational Design, AR, VR, Robotics, Cool Stuff. This presentation will have it all. We have a unique opportunity to visit the UAP Workshop in Northgate to see how Architecture, Art, Manufacturing and Technology all amalgamate together to form a wonderful world of visual immersion. If you have never visited the UAP facilities before, it is a great experience to see how designs become reality. Plus they have some nice new toys!

  • Bad Monkey Adam Sheather

    BVN Brisbane

    Adam will be running through some of the groups latest developments and also some of his personal projects. (Well at least the ones he can disclose!)

  • Different Flavours of Computational Design

    Presentation about Computational Design from a Structural Engineer’s perspective. Comparison of different type of engineering workflows in today’s world. Case study of a completed project of a Class 10a building – Warehouse.

  • Open BIM, Geometry Gym & Speckle with Jon Mirtschin

    Location visible to members

    This month Jon Mirstchin will be joining us to speak about Open BIM, applications of his Geometry Gym plugins, and developments around Speckle - an open source (MIT) initiative for developing an extensible Design & AEC data communication and collaboration platform.