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Brisness Women Networking Events have that sense of real networking and connection. For starters, we sit in a cafe at the same table and share breakfast together, with the speaker. It's intimate. It's shared. It's connection. Real connection. You get to meet and talk with everyone at the table. You interact and learn from the speaker directly. It's authentic and genuine.

We have lots of events with topics and speakers relevant to women in business - particularly women in online businesses - from mindset to practical implementation in a range of subject areas. I can't wait to see you there!

Our Next Event:

Lets talk Legals and Your Business!
31 August 2016, 9:30-11:30 Northshore Harbour Cafe, Hamilton

Join Legal Mentor, Shalini Nandan of Legally Shalini (https://legallyshalini.com.au/) and the Brisness Women for a morning of authentic networking and talking through all the legals of running a business.

Lets talk Legals and Your Business!

Shalini helps small businesses as a legal mentor, addressing potential legal issues before they become an issue.

She can:

Help you gain control of your mindset and heart space when it all feels overwhelming.Help you save time, gain confidence, manage overwhelm and step in if you are too emotionally invested to be objective.Provide legal documentation, research and administration support services for legal related tasks and issues that you could do yourself and choose not to.Tell you when you *really need* a lawyer, and help you find one that suits your values and budget!Help you identify legal tasks and issues that can be done on your own. (Did you know that this can be a great way to build your business-skills, not to mention saving money in legal fees?)-

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