Root Chakra Health Check Music and Sound Balance

What we'll do

👋 A warm and cosy welcome to a special series of Frequency Flow Music and Sound Meditation.
🌈 Chakra Health Music and Sound balance – LIVE EVENT The chakras are swirling circles of energy.
There are over 140 chakras in and around the body with 7 main chakra's running from your groin area to the top of your head.
These chakra's are located in the body close to a major gland of the endocrine system.
Chakric energy can become unbalanced or blocked with the daily grind of life. Just like a river that cannot flow the energy becomes stagnant causing physical symptoms and illness.
A persistent sore throat can be sign of energetic illness in the throat chakra.
Stomach issues or gynecological issues may be related to issues with the sacral chakra.
Sound has been used in healing for 1000’s of years. Specific sounds and frequencies resonate with the vibration of the chakra creating balance and harmony within the chakra and the entire body. It’s essential your chakra's are energetically balanced and the energy can flow freely throughout your physical and auric bodies.
Wellness will be achieved quicker when the chakra's are balanced and aligned. The body is then able to stay healthy physically and metaphysically. 👋Be more grounded
🌠Have more vitality,
😃Feel more in control,
😊Be calmer
🤔Think clearer.

We will start with the root chakra in Morley and then South Perth the following week.
Each fortnight at Morley and South Perth we will progressively focus on the health of each of the 7 Chakra’s. Tamra holds a Diploma in Kyela Sound Therapy.
A sound modality that focuses on the wellness on chakra’s and aura. Each session will include :
💠Health diagnosis of your chakric Energy.
Tamra will diagnose the energetic health of your chakra. Discover if it’s balanced, overactive or underactive.
🎵Practice toning sounds that sing to that chakra. Your voice is an amazing healing instrument and you don’t need to be a singer!
🎵Be led with an intention meditation with singing bowls, tuning forks and frequency music specifically chosen to balance and harmonise the chakra.
🌈 The Chakra Colour Challenge. Each chakra has a colour and each week the challenge is to wear AS MUCH of that colour as you can find in your wardrobe. It’s interesting that the colour you don’t wear is usually the chakra that is the most out of balance and the colour you need the most !!!!
Root chakra - Red
Solar plexus chakra - Orange
Sacral chakra - Yellow
Heart chakra - Green
Throat chakra - Blue 3rd eye -
Indigo Crown - Violet
🎵Music and Sound have been used for thousands of years for their entertainment and healing properties. It is now well known that Sound can help people to balance their energy and calm their mind
🎵Precious People Group Sessions use singing bowls and frequency minded music played at volume through a surround sound subwoofer speaker system.
The music tracks are specifically chosen to enrich your sensory experience with the vibration and connect to the music.
These sessions are suitable for all ages and abilities and may be received either sitting or lying down.
Each group sound session lasts for about an hour.
Investment, $20 or $15 concession
Please get in touch if you have any questions. In harmony Tamra x